SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 6285 to Error: 6306



Error: 6285, Severity: 16, %s ASSEMBLY failed because the source assembly is, according to MVID, identical to an assembly that is already registered under the name “%.*ls”.
Error: 6286, Severity: 16, ‘%s’ ASSEMBLY failed because a different version of assembly ‘%s’, referenced by assembly ‘%s’, is already in the database.
Error: 6287, Severity: 16, ALTER ASSEMBLY failed because the function ‘%s’ of type ‘%s’ no longer satisfies indexability requirements, and is used for the persisted computed column ‘%s’ of table ‘%s’.
Error: 6288, Severity: 16, ALTER ASSEMBLY has marked data as unchecked in one or more objects in database “%.*ls”. Refer to column “has_unchecked_assembly_data” from system views “sys.tables” and “sys.views” to locate all such objects.
Error: 6289, Severity: 16, Failed to allocate memory for common language runtime (CLR) functionality.

Error: 6290, Severity: 10, AppDomain %i (%.*ls) unloaded.
Error: 6291, Severity: 16, AppDomain %i (%.*ls) failed to unload with error code 0x%x.
Error: 6292, Severity: 16, The transaction that is associated with this operation has been committed or rolled back. Retry with a different transaction.
Error: 6293, Severity: 16, %.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls: SqlFacetAttribute is invalid on a non-public member.
Error: 6294, Severity: 16, %.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls: %.*ls property of SqlFacetAttribute cannot be used in this context.
Error: 6295, Severity: 16, %.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls: %.*ls property of SqlFacetAttribute has an invalid value.
Error: 6296, Severity: 16, %.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls : SqlFacetAttribute cannot be applied to a property getter or a property setter. It should be applied to the property itself.
Error: 6297, Severity: 16, %.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls: The SqlFacetAttribute property IsFixedLength cannot be set to true when MaxSize is set to -1.
Error: 6298, Severity: 16, %.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls: The SqlFacetAttribute properties Precision and Scale have to be used together.

Error: 6299, Severity: 10, AppDomain %i (%.*ls) created.
Error: 6302, Severity: 16, The argument of CREATE or ALTER XML SCHEMA COLLECTION statement must be a string expression.
Error: 6303, Severity: 16, XML parsing: Document parsing required too much memory
Error: 6304, Severity: 16, XML parsing: An unexpected error has occurred in the XML parser.
Error: 6305, Severity: 16, XQuery data manipulation expression required in XML data type method.
Error: 6306, Severity: 16, Invalid XQuery expression passed to XML data type method.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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