SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 5332 to Error: 5516



Error: 5332, Severity: 15, The order of the data in the stream does not conform to the ORDER hint specified for the CLR TVF ‘%.*ls’. The order of the data must match the order specified in the ORDER hint for a CLR TVF. Update the ORDER hint to reflect the order in which the input d
Error: 5333, Severity: 16, The identifier ‘%.*ls’ cannot be bound. Only source columns and columns in the clause scope are allowed in the ‘WHEN NOT MATCHED’ clause of a MERGE statement.
Error: 5334, Severity: 16, The identifier ‘%.*ls’ cannot be bound. Only target columns and columns in the clause scope are allowed in the ‘WHEN NOT MATCHED BY SOURCE’ clause of a MERGE statement.

Error: 5335, Severity: 16, The data type %ls cannot be used as an operand to the UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operators because it is not comparable.
Error: 5501, Severity: 16, The FILESTREAM filegroup was dropped before the table can be created.
Error: 5502, Severity: 16, The FILESTREAM container is inaccessible.
Error: 5503, Severity: 10, Unable to find entry in sys.database_files for FILESTREAM file ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 5504, Severity: 15, ‘PRIMARY’ can only be specified for FILESTREAM log filegroup in a ‘CONTAINS’ clause.
Error: 5505, Severity: 16, A table that has FILESTREAM columns must have a nonnull unique column with the ROWGUIDCOL property.
Error: 5506, Severity: 15, FILESTREAM data or log file cannot be named ‘DEFAULT’.
Error: 5507, Severity: 15, DEFAULT cannot be specified for FILESTREAM log filegroup ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 5508, Severity: 15, FILESTREAM can only be declared for VARBINARY columns.

Error: 5509, Severity: 15, The properties SIZE or FILEGROWTH cannot be specified for the FILESTREAM data file ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 5510, Severity: 15, LOG ON cannot be used for non-FILESTREAM file group ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 5511, Severity: 23, FILESTREAM’s file system log record ‘%.*ls’ under log folder ‘%.*ls’ is corrupted.
Error: 5512, Severity: 16, Error 0x%x (%ls) was encountered while directory ‘%.*ls’ was being truncated.
Error: 5513, Severity: 16, The name that is specified for the associated log filegroup for FILESTREAM filegroup ‘%.*ls’ is not valid.
Error: 5514, Severity: 16, Transactional replication/Change Data Capture cannot proceed because Transactional File System Resource Manager at ‘%.*ls’ is not started.
Error: 5515, Severity: 20, Cannot open the container directory ‘%.*ls’ of the FILESTREAM file. The operating system has returned the Windows status code 0x%x.
Error: 5516, Severity: 16, The FILESTREAM log filegroup ‘%.*ls’ cannot be referred to by more than one FILESTREAM data filegroup.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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