SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 4988 to Error: 5009



Error: 4988, Severity: 16, Cannot persist computed column ‘%.*ls’. Underlying object ‘%.*ls’ has a different owner than table ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 4989, Severity: 16, Cannot drop the ROWGUIDCOL property for column ‘%.*ls’ in table ‘%.*ls’ because the column is not the designated ROWGUIDCOL for the table.
Error: 4990, Severity: 16, Cannot alter column ‘%.*ls’ in table ‘%.*ls’ to add or remove the FILESTREAM column attribute.
Error: 4991, Severity: 16, Cannot alter NOT FOR REPLICATION attribute on column ‘%.*ls’ in table ‘%.*ls’ because this column is not an identity column.
Error: 4992, Severity: 16, Cannot use table option LARGE VALUE TYPES OUT OF ROW on a user table that does not have any of large value types varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max), xml or large CLR type columns in it. This option can be applied to tables having large values com

Error: 4993, Severity: 16, ALTR TABLE SWITCH statement failed. The table ‘%.*ls’ has different setting for Large Value Types Out Of Row table option as compared to table ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 4994, Severity: 16, Computed column ‘%.*ls’ in table ‘%.*ls’ cannot be persisted because the column type, ‘%.*ls’, is a non-byte-ordered CLR type.
Error: 4995, Severity: 16, Vardecimal storage format cannot be enabled on table ‘%.*ls’ because database ‘%.*ls’ is a system database. Vardecimal storage format is not available in system databases.
Error: 4996, Severity: 16, Change tracking is already enabled for table ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 4997, Severity: 16, Cannot enable change tracking on table ‘%.*ls’. Change tracking requires a primary key on the table. Create a primary key on the table before enabling change tracking.
Error: 4998, Severity: 16, Change tracking is not enabled on table ‘%.*ls’.

Error: 4999, Severity: 16, Cannot enable change tracking on table ‘%.*ls’. Change tracking does not support a primary key of type timestamp on a table.
Error: 5001, Severity: 16, User must be in the master database.
Error: 5002, Severity: 16, Database ‘%.*ls’ does not exist. Verify the name in sys.databases and try the operation again.
Error: 5003, Severity: 16, Database mirroring cannot be enabled while the database has offline files.
Error: 5004, Severity: 16, To use ALTR DATABASE, the database must be in a writable state in which a checkpoint can be executed.
Error: 5005, Severity: 16, Specified recovery time of %I64d seconds is less than zero or more than the maximum of %d seconds.
Error: 5006, Severity: 16, Could not get exclusive use of %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ to perform the requested operation.
Error: 5008, Severity: 16, This ALTR DATABASE statement is not supported. Correct the syntax and execute the statement again.
Error: 5009, Severity: 16, One or more files listed in the statement could not be found or could not be initialized.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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