SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 4151 to Error: 4170



Error: 4151, Severity: 16, The type of the first argument to NULLIF cannot be the NULL constant because the type of the first argument has to be known.
Error: 4152, Severity: 16, Type “%.*ls” is not a CLR type.
Error: 4153, Severity: 16, Cannot treat data type “%ls” as data type “%ls”.
Error: 4154, Severity: 16, UNNEST can only take an expression of type multiset.
Error: 4155, Severity: 15, The SELECT list for the nested INSERT statement can only contain one item.
Error: 4156, Severity: 16, The target of nested insert, nested update, or nested delete must be of type multiset.

Error: 4157, Severity: 16, %.*ls is not a valid property, field, or method.
Error: 4158, Severity: 16, The field “%.*ls” is referenced more than once in the set list, either directly or through a property.
Error: 4159, Severity: 16, Delayed CLR type instances require local base table column as an argument.
Error: 4160, Severity: 16, Could not find suitable key in table ‘%.*ls’ for use in delayed CLR type fetching.
Error: 4161, Severity: 16, Only CLR types are allowed in delayed CLR type fetching.
Error: 4162, Severity: 16, A PROB_MATCH table can only be used inside of a PROB_MATCH query.
Error: 4163, Severity: 16, A GROUP BY clause is required in a PROB_MATCH query.

Error: 4164, Severity: 16, A GROUP BY clause in a PROB_MATCH query can only have key columns, and needs to include all the key columns.
Error: 4165, Severity: 16, The score override argument, if present in one of the subqueries, must be present in all subqueries and must be the same constant and variable.
Error: 4166, Severity: 16, Invalid PROB_MATCH subquery.
Error: 4167, Severity: 16, Multiple PROB_MATCH subqueries can only refer to the same base table.
Error: 4168, Severity: 16, Invalid PROB_MATCH project item in the PROB_MATCH SELECT list.
Error: 4169, Severity: 16, Applying TREAT more than once to the same expression is not allowed in a full-text property reference.
Error: 4170, Severity: 16, The (ANY) specification can only be applied to expressions of type multiset.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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