SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 41212 to Error: 41315


Error: 41212, Severity: 16, No semantic language statistics database is registered.

Error: 41213, Severity: 16, The database ‘%.*ls’ does not exist or the database format is not valid. Provide a valid semantic language statistics database name.
Error: 41214, Severity: 16, An error occurred while trying to register the semantic language statistics database.
Error: 41215, Severity: 16, The SEMANTICSIMILARITYTABLE, SEMANTICKEYPHRASETABLE and SEMANTICSIMILARITYDETAILSTABLE functions do not support update or insert.

Error: 41300, Severity: 16, The current transaction cannot support any operations. Roll back the transaction.
Error: 41301, Severity: 17, A previous transaction that the current transaction took a dependency on has aborted and the current transaction can no longer commit.
Error: 41302, Severity: 16, The current transaction attempted to update a record that has been updated since this transaction started. The statement was terminated.
Error: 41303, Severity: 16, The number of buckets for an in-memory table index must be a power of 2.
Error: 41304, Severity: 10, The current value of option ‘%.*ls’ for table ‘%.*ls’, index ‘%.*ls’ is %d.

Error: 41305, Severity: 16, The current transaction failed to commit. Transaction state is %d, result is %d, error is x%08lx.
Error: 41306, Severity: 16, The nest limit of %d for conditional blocks and exception blocks for natively compiled stored procedures has been exceeded. Please simplify the stored procedure.
Error: 41307, Severity: 16, The row size limit of %d for in-memory tables has been exceeded. Please simplify the table definition.
Error: 41308, Severity: 16, The database %d has been deployed since the last dropp database.
Error: 41309, Severity: 16, Unable to load the compiled DLL for database %d.
Error: 41310, Severity: 16, The database %d is not currently deployed.
Error: 41311, Severity: 16, The file %.*ls could not be opened. GetLastError = 0x%x;
Error: 41312, Severity: 16, Unable to call into the C compiler. GetLastError = 0x%x;
Error: 41313, Severity: 16, The C compiler encountered a failure. The exit code was %d.
Error: 41314, Severity: 16, Conversion of parameter default for parameter ‘%.*ls’ failed.
Error: 41315, Severity: 16, Checkpoint operation failed.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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