SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 4107 to Error: 4128



Error: 4107, Severity: 16, Inserting into remote tables or views is not allowed by using the BCP utility or by using BULK INSERT.
Error: 4108, Severity: 16, Windowed functions can only appear in the SELECT or ORDER BY clauses.
Error: 4109, Severity: 16, Windowed functions cannot be used in the context of another windowed function or aggregate.
Error: 4110, Severity: 16, The argument type “%s” is invalid for argument %d of “%s”.
Error: 4111, Severity: 16, The CREATE SCHEMA statement should be followed by a name or authorization keyword.

Error: 4112, Severity: 16, The function ‘%.*ls’ must have an OVER clause with ORDER BY.
Error: 4113, Severity: 16, The function ‘%.*ls’ is not a valid windowing function, and cannot be used with the OVER clause.
Error: 4114, Severity: 16, The function ‘%.*ls’ takes exactly %d argument(s).
Error: 4115, Severity: 16, The reference to column “%.*ls” is not allowed in an argument to a TOP, OFFSET, or FETCH clause. Only references to columns at an outer scope or standalone expressions and subqueries are allowed here.
Error: 4116, Severity: 16, The function ‘ntile’ takes only a positive int or bigint expression as its input.

Error: 4117, Severity: 16, Cannot retrieve table data for the query operation because the table “%.*ls” schema is being altered too frequently. Because the table “%.*ls” contains a computed column, changes to the table schema require a refresh of all table data. Retry the query ope
Error: 4118, Severity: 16, An invalid expression was specified in the FOR UPDATE clause.
Error: 4119, Severity: 16, Default values cannot be assigned to property setters of columns with a CLR type.
Error: 4120, Severity: 16, A user-defined function name cannot be prefixed with a database name in this context.
Error: 4121, Severity: 16, Cannot find either column “%.*ls” or the user-defined function or aggregate “%.*ls”, or the name is ambiguous.
Error: 4122, Severity: 16, Remote table-valued function calls are not allowed.
Error: 4124, Severity: 16, The parameters supplied for the batch are not valid.
Error: 4126, Severity: 16, No full-text indexed columns were found.
Error: 4127, Severity: 16, At least one of the arguments to COALESCE must be an expression that is not the NULL constant.
Error: 4128, Severity: 16, An internal error occurred during remote query execution. Contact your SQL Server support professional and provide details about the query you were trying to run.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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