SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 40010 to Error: 40032


Error: 40010, Severity: 16, Replicated transactions across databases are not allowed.

Error: 40011, Severity: 16, Replicated target table %ld is not found.
Error: 40012, Severity: 16, Replicated target index %ld on table %ld is not found.
Error: 40013, Severity: 16, Replicated target schema %.*ls is not found.
Error: 40014, Severity: 16, Multiple databases can not be used in the same transaction.
Error: 40015, Severity: 16, This functionality is not supported on replicated tables.
Error: 40016, Severity: 16, The partitioning key column ‘%.*ls’ must be one of the keys of ‘%.*ls.%.*ls.%.*ls’ index.

Error: 40017, Severity: 16, Partition key can not be changed.
Error: 40018, Severity: 16, Partition key value is outside of the valid partition key range.
Error: 40019, Severity: 16, The partition key column ‘%.*ls’ of table ‘%.*ls.%.*ls’ is nullable or does not match the partition key type defined in the table group.
Error: 40020, Severity: 16, The database is in transition and transactions are being terminated.
Error: 40021, Severity: 16, The low and high keys specified for the partition are invalid. Low must be less than high.

Error: 40022, Severity: 16, A partition with overlapping key ranges already exists.
Error: 40023, Severity: 16, The name %s is too long.
Error: 40024, Severity: 16, The last committed CSN (%d, %I64d) was not found in the log. The last seen CSN was (%d, %I64d).
Error: 40028, Severity: 16, The tablegroup name ‘%.*ls.%.*ls’ is not valid.
Error: 40029, Severity: 16, Replicated tables can have at most %d columns.
Error: 40030, Severity: 16, Can not perform replica operation because the replica does not exist in local partition map.
Error: 40031, Severity: 16, The partition key column for table ‘%.*ls.%.*ls’ is undefined.
Error: 40032, Severity: 16, Unsupported use of LOB in online index build.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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