SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 3734 to Error: 3802



Error: 3734, Severity: 16, Could not drop the primary key constraint ‘%.*ls’ because the table has an XML or spatial index.
Error: 3735, Severity: 16, The primary key constraint ‘%.*ls’ on table ‘%.*ls’ cannot be dropped because change tracking is enabled on the table. Change tracking requires a primary key constraint on the table. Disable change tracking before dropping the constraint.
Error: 3737, Severity: 16, Could not delete file ‘%ls’. See the SQL Server error log for more information.
Error: 3738, Severity: 10, Deleting database file ‘%ls’.
Error: 3739, Severity: 11, Cannot %ls the index ‘%.*ls’ because it is not a statistics collection.

Error: 3740, Severity: 16, Cannot drop the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because at least part of the table resides on a read-only filegroup.
Error: 3741, Severity: 16, Cannot drop the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because at least part of the table resides on an offline filegroup.
Error: 3743, Severity: 16, The database ‘%.*ls’ is enabled for database mirroring. Database mirroring must be removed before you drop the database.
Error: 3744, Severity: 16, Only a single clause is allowed in a statement where an index is dropped online.
Error: 3745, Severity: 16, Only a clustered index can be dropped online.
Error: 3746, Severity: 16, Cannot drop the clustered index of view ‘%.*ls’ because the view is being used for replication.
Error: 3747, Severity: 16, Cannot drop a clustered index created on a view using drop clustered index clause. Clustered index ‘%.*ls’ is created on view ‘%.*ls’.

Error: 3748, Severity: 16, Cannot drop non-clustered index ‘%.*ls’ using drop clustered index clause.
Error: 3749, Severity: 16, Cannot drop XML Index ‘%.*ls’ using old ‘Table.Index’ syntax, use ‘Index ON Table’ syntax instead.
Error: 3750, Severity: 10, Warning: Index ‘%.*ls’ on %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ was disabled as a result of disabling the clustered index on the %S_MSG.
Error: 3751, Severity: 16, Cannot use SP_DROPEXTENDEDPROC or DBCC DROPEXTENDEDPROC with ‘%.*ls’ because ‘%.*ls’ is a %S_MSG. Use %ls.
Error: 3752, Severity: 16, The database ‘%.*ls’ is currently joined to an availability group. Before you can drop the database, you need to remove it from the availatility group.
Error: 3800, Severity: 16, Column name ‘%.*ls’ is not sufficiently different from the names of other columns in the table ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 3801, Severity: 10, Warning: The index “%.*ls” on “%.*ls”.”%.*ls” may be impacted by the collation upgrade. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE.
Error: 3802, Severity: 10, Warning: The constraint “%.*ls” on “%.*ls”.”%.*ls” may be impacted by the collation upgrade. Disable and enable WITH CHECK.
This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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