SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 33419 to Error: 33439


Error: 33419, Severity: 16, Function %ls is only valid on the varbinary(max) FILESTREAM column in a FileTable.

Error: 33420, Severity: 16, Unable to process object ‘%.*s’ because it is a three-part or four-part name. Specifying the server or database is not supported in the object identifer.
Error: 33421, Severity: 16, The object name ‘%.*s’ is not a valid FileTable object.
Error: 33422, Severity: 16, The column ‘%.*s’ cannot be added to table ‘%.*s’ as it is a FileTable. Adding columns to the fixed schema of a FileTable object is not permitted.
Error: 33423, Severity: 16, Invalid FileTable path name or format.
Error: 33424, Severity: 16, Invalid computer host name in the FileTable path.

Error: 33425, Severity: 16, Invalid share name in the FileTable path.
Error: 33426, Severity: 16, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE to FileTable ‘%.*ls’ is not allowed inside a trigger on a FileTable.
Error: 33427, Severity: 16, Function %ls is not allowed on the deleted table inside a trigger.
Error: 33428, Severity: 14, User does not have permission to kill non-transacted FILESTREAM handles in database ID %d.
Error: 33429, Severity: 16, The non-transacted FILESTREAM handle %d does not exist.
Error: 33430, Severity: 10, Killed %d non-transactional FILESTREAM handles from database ID %d.
Error: 33431, Severity: 16, An invalid path locator caused a FileTable check constraint error. The path locator has a length of %d, which is longer than the limit of %d allowed for depth %d. Reduce the length of the path locator.
Error: 33433, Severity: 10, Unable to perform the Filetable lost update recovery for database id %d.

Error: 33434, Severity: 16, The current state of the database ‘%.*s’ is not compatible with the specified FILESTREAM non-transacted access level. The database may be read only, single user or set to emergency state.
Error: 33435, Severity: 16, Cannot publish the FileTable ‘%ls’ for replication. Replication is not supported for FileTable objects.
Error: 33436, Severity: 16, Cannot enable Change Data Capture on the FileTable ‘%ls’. Change Data Capture is not supported for FileTable objects.
Error: 33437, Severity: 16, Cannot publish the logbased view ‘%ls’ for replication. Replication is not supported for logbased views that depend on FileTable objects.
Error: 33438, Severity: 16, Cannot enable Change Tracking on the FileTable ‘%.*ls’. Change Tracking is not supported for FileTable objects.
Error: 33439, Severity: 16, Cannot use IGNORE_CONSTRAINTS hint when inserting into FileTable ‘%.*ls’, unless FILETABLE_NAMESPACE is disabled.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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