SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 25005 to Error: 25025



Error: 25005, Severity: 16, It is invalid to drop the default constraint on the rowguid column that is used by merge replication.
Error: 25006, Severity: 16, The new column cannot be added to article ‘%s’ because it has more than %d replicated columns.
Error: 25007, Severity: 16, Cannot synchronize the subscription because the schemas of the article at the Publisher and the Subscriber do not match. It is likely that pending schema changes have not yet been propagated to the Subscriber. Run the Merge Agent again to propagate the ch

Error: 25008, Severity: 16, The merge replication views could not be regenerated after performing the data definition language (DDL) operation.
Error: 25009, Severity: 16, Invalid value ‘%s’ specified while executing sp_changemergearticle on article ‘%s’ for the ‘identityrangemanagementoption’ property.
Error: 25010, Severity: 16, The constraint is used by merge replication for identity management and cannot be dropped directly. Execute sp_changemergearticle @publication, @article, “identityrangemanagementoption”, “none” to disable merge identity management, which will also drop th

Error: 25012, Severity: 16, Cannot add an identity column since the table is published for merge replication.
Error: 25013, Severity: 16, Cannot perform alterr table because the table is published in one or more publications with a publication_compatibility_level of lower than ’90RTM’. Use sp_repladdcolumn or sp_repldropcolumn.
Error: 25014, Severity: 16, sp_repladdcolumn does not allow adding columns of datatypes that are new to this release.
Error: 25015, Severity: 10, Schema Changes and Bulk Inserts
Error: 25016, Severity: 10, Prepare Dynamic Snapshot
Error: 25017, Severity: 16, Failed to execute the command “%s” through xp_cmddshelll. Detailed error information is returned in a result set.
Error: 25018, Severity: 16, Precomputed partitions cannot be used because articles “%s” and “%s” are part of a join filter and at least one of them has a constraint with a CASCADE action defined.
Error: 25019, Severity: 16, The logical record relationship between articles “%s” and “%s” cannot be added because at least one of the articles has a constraint with a CASCADE action defined.
Error: 25020, Severity: 16, The article cannot be created on table ‘%s’ because it has more than %d columns and column-level tracking is being used. Either reduce the number of columns in the table or change to row-level tracking.
Error: 25021, Severity: 16, Replication stored procedure sp_MSupdategenhistory failed to update the generation ‘%s’. This generation will be retried in the next merge.
Error: 25022, Severity: 16, The snapshot storage option (@snapshot_storage_option) must be ‘file system’, or ‘database’.
Error: 25023, Severity: 16, Stored procedures containing table-value parameters cannot be published as ‘[serializable] proc exec’ articles.
Error: 25024, Severity: 16, A snapshot storage option of ‘database’ is incompatible with the use of character mode bcp for snapshot generation.
Error: 25025, Severity: 16, Cannot add a sparse column or a sparse column set because the table is published for merge replication. Merge replication does not support sparse columns.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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