SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 22109 to Error: 22510



Error: 22109, Severity: 16, The “context” argument for the CHANGE_TRACKING_CONTEXT WITH clause must be of type varbinary data type with a maximum length of 128.
Error: 22110, Severity: 16, The number of columns specified in the CHANGETABLE(VERSION …) function does not match the number of primary key columns for table ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 22111, Severity: 16, The column ‘%.*ls’ specified in the CHANGETABLE(VERSION …) function is not part of the primary key for table ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 22112, Severity: 16, Each primary key column must be specified once in the CHANGETABLE(VERSION …) function. The column ‘%.*ls’ is specified more than once.

Error: 22113, Severity: 16, %S_MSG is not allowed because the table is being tracked for change tracking.
Error: 22114, Severity: 16, Change tracking options for ALTER DATABASE cannot be combined with other ALTER DATABASE options.
Error: 22115, Severity: 16, Change tracking is enabled for one or more tables in database ‘%.*ls’. Disable change tracking on each table before disabling it for the database. Use the sys.change_tracking_tables catalog view to obtain a list of tables for which change tracking is enab
Error: 22116, Severity: 16, Change tracking is not supported by this edition of SQL Server.

Error: 22117, Severity: 16, For databases that are members of a secondary availability replica, change tracking is not supported. Run change tracking queries on the databases in the primary availability replica.
Error: 22500, Severity: 16, Unexpected
Error: 22501, Severity: 16, All articles in the publication passed data validation (rowcount and checksum).
Error: 22502, Severity: 16, Not All articles in the publication passed data validation (rowcount only)
Error: 22503, Severity: 16, Initializing.
Error: 22504, Severity: 16, Applying the snapshot to the Subscriber.
Error: 22505, Severity: 16, The merge completed with no data changes processed.
Error: 22506, Severity: 16, No data needed to be merged.
Error: 22507, Severity: 16, Uploading data changes to the Publisher.
Error: 22508, Severity: 16, Downloading data changes to the Subscriber.
Error: 22509, Severity: 16, Retrieving subscription information.
Error: 22510, Severity: 16, Retrieving publication information.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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