SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 21527 to Error: 21549



Error: 21527, Severity: 16, Publication ‘%s’ cannot be added to database ‘%s’, because a publication with a lower compatibility level already exists. All merge publications in a database must have the same compatibility level.
Error: 21528, Severity: 16, Publication ‘%s’ cannot be added to database ‘%s’, because a publication with a higher compatibility level already exists. All merge publications in a database must have the same compatibiliy level.
Error: 21530, Severity: 10, The schema change failed during execution of an internal replication procedure. For corrective action, see the other error messages that accompany this error message.

Error: 21531, Severity: 10, The data definition language (DDL) command cannot be executed at the Subscriber. DDL commands can only be executed at the Publisher. In a republishing hierarchy, DDL commands can only be executed at the root Publisher, not at any of the republishing Subsc
Error: 21532, Severity: 10, Cannot add a data definition language trigger for replicating ‘%.*ls’ events.
Error: 21533, Severity: 10, Cannot insert information into the schema change tracking table sysmergeschemachange.
Error: 21535, Severity: 16, The article ‘%s’ is already published in another publication, and is set to use nonoverlapping partitions with multiple subscribers per partition

(@partition_options = 2). This setting does not permit the article to be included in more than one publicatio
Error: 21537, Severity: 16, The column ‘%s’ in table ‘%s’ is involved in a foreign key relationship with a column in table ‘%s’, but this column was not found in the specified join clause. A logical record relationship between these tables should include this column.
Error: 21538, Severity: 16, Table ‘%s’ cannot have table ‘%s’ as a parent in a logical record relationship because it already has a different parent table. A logical record relationship allows only one parent table for a given child table.
Error: 21539, Severity: 16, A logical record relationship, specified by the @filter_type parameter, requires a one-to-one or a one-to-many join from the parent table to the child table. Either change the value of the @filter_type parameter, or set the @join_unique_key parameter to 1
Error: 21540, Severity: 16, You cannot drop a column defined as data type uniqueidentifier with the rowguidcol property because merge replication uses this column for tracking. To drop the column, you must first drop the table from all publications and subscriptions.
Error: 21541, Severity: 16, Cannot complete ALTERR TABLE command. Do not execute the command ‘ALTERR TABLE table_name DISABLE TRIGGER ALL’ on a published table. Reissue multiple ‘ALTERR TABLE table_name DISABLE TRIGGER trigger_name’ statements to disable each trigger individually on th
Error: 21542, Severity: 16, Encountered server error %d while executing <%s>.
Error: 21543, Severity: 16, The schema for the article %s was either not generated properly or was not applied properly during initial synchronization. This may be due to permissions issues. Verify whether the object exists, and whether the necessary permissions are granted.
Error: 21544, Severity: 10, Value specified for the publication property replicate_ddl is not valid. The value must be 1 or 0.
Error: 21545, Severity: 16, You cannot disable a trigger used by merge replication on a published table. To drop the trigger, drop the table from the publication.
Error: 21546, Severity: 16, Cannot replicate the ALTERR TABLE command. It contains multiple DROP commands, including a DROP command for a column that is not included in all subscriptions to this article. Use a single DROP command in each ALTERR TABLE command.
Error: 21547, Severity: 16, Encountered server error %d while restoring the log for database %s.
Error: 21548, Severity: 16, Cannot execute sp_change_subscription_properties. This stored procedure can only be used for publications that have at least one pull subscription.
Error: 21549, Severity: 16, Cannot add the computed column ‘%s’ to the publication. You must first add all columns on which this column depends; you cannot filter any of these colunmns from the article.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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