SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 21287 to Error: 21306



Error: 21287, Severity: 16, The specified @destination_folder is not a valid path of an existing folder.
Error: 21288, Severity: 16, Could not create the snapshot directory structure in the specified @destination_folder.
Error: 21289, Severity: 16, Either the snapshot files have not been generated or they have been cleaned up.
Error: 21290, Severity: 16, The identity range value provided has exceeded the maximum value allowed.

Error: 21291, Severity: 16, The specified automatic identity support parameters conflict with the settings in another article.
Error: 21292, Severity: 16, Object ‘%s’ cannot be published twice in the same publication.
Error: 21293, Severity: 10, Warning: adding updatable subscription for article ‘%s’ may cause data inconsistency as the source table is already subscribed to ‘%s’
Error: 21294, Severity: 16, Either @publisher (and @publisher_db) or @subscriber (and @subscriber_db) must be specified, but both cannot be specified.

Error: 21295, Severity: 16, Publication ‘%s’ does not contain any article that uses automatic identity range management.
Error: 21296, Severity: 16, Parameter @resync_type must be either 0, 1, 2.
Error: 21297, Severity: 16, Invalid resync type. No validation has been performed for this subscription.
Error: 21298, Severity: 16, Failed to resynchronize this subscription.
Error: 21299, Severity: 16, Invalid Subscriber partition validation expression ‘%s’.
Error: 21300, Severity: 10, The resolver information was specified without specifying the resolver to be used for article ‘%s’. The default resolver will be used.
Error: 21301, Severity: 16, The resolver information should be specified while using the ‘%s’ resolver.
Error: 21302, Severity: 16, The resolver information should specify a column with data type, datetime, or smalldatetime while using the ‘%s’ resolver.
Error: 21303, Severity: 16, The article ‘%s’ should enable column tracking to use the ‘%s’ resolver. The default resolver will be used to resolve conflicts on this article.
Error: 21304, Severity: 16, The merge triggers could not be created on the table ‘%s’.
Error: 21305, Severity: 16, The schema change information could not be updated at the subscription database.
Error: 21306, Severity: 16, The copy of the subscription could not be made because the subscription to publication ‘%s’ has expired.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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