SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 21185 to Error: 21205



Error: 21185, Severity: 16, The subscription is not initialized or not created for failover mode operations.
Error: 21186, Severity: 16, Subscription for Publisher ‘%s’ does not have a valid queue_id.
Error: 21187, Severity: 16, The current mode is the same as the requested mode.
Error: 21188, Severity: 10, Changed update mode from [%s] to [%s].
Error: 21189, Severity: 16, The queue for this subscription with queue_id = ‘%s’ is not empty. Run the Queue Reader Agent to make sure the queue is empty before setting mode from [queued] to [immediate].

Error: 21190, Severity: 10, Overriding queue check for setting mode from [%s] to [%s].
Error: 21192, Severity: 16, MSrepl_tran_version column is a predefined column used for replication and can be only of data type uniqueidentifier
Error: 21193, Severity: 16, @identity_range, @pub_identity_range, or @threshold cannot be NULL when @identityrangemanagementoption is set to AUTO.
Error: 21194, Severity: 16, Cannot support identity range management because this table does not have an identity column.
Error: 21195, Severity: 16, A valid identity range is not available. Check the data type of the identity column.

Error: 21196, Severity: 16, Identity automation failed.
Error: 21197, Severity: 16, Failed to allocate new identity range.
Error: 21198, Severity: 16, Schema replication failed.
Error: 21199, Severity: 16, This change cannot take effect until you run the snapshot again.
Error: 21200, Severity: 16, Publication ‘%s’ does not exist.
Error: 21201, Severity: 16, Dropping a column that is being used by a merge filter clause is not allowed.
Error: 21202, Severity: 16, It is not possible to drop column ‘%s’ to article ‘%s’ because the snapshot for publication ‘%s’ has already been run.
Error: 21203, Severity: 10, Duplicate rows found in %s. Unique index not created.
Error: 21204, Severity: 16, The publication ‘%s’ does not allow subscription copy or its subscription has not been synchronized.
Error: 21205, Severity: 16, The subscription cannot be attached because the publication does not allow subscription copies to synchronize changes.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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