SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 21009 to Error: 21028



Error: 21009, Severity: 16, The specified filter procedure is already associated with a table.
Error: 21010, Severity: 16, Removed %ld replicated transactions consisting of %ld statements in %ld seconds (%ld rows/sec).
Error: 21011, Severity: 16, Deactivated subscriptions.
Error: 21012, Severity: 16, Cannot change the ‘allow_push’ property of the publication to “false”. There are push subscriptions on the publication.
Error: 21013, Severity: 16, Cannot change the ‘allow_pull’ property of the publication to “false”. There are pull subscriptions on the publication.

Error: 21014, Severity: 16, The @optname parameter value must be ‘transactional’ or ‘merge’.
Error: 21015, Severity: 16, The replication option ‘%s’ has been set to TRUE already.
Error: 21016, Severity: 16, The replication option ‘%s’ has been set to FALSE already.
Error: 21017, Severity: 16, Cannot perform SQL Server 7.0 compatible checksum operation on a merge article that has a vertical or horizontal partition. Rowcount validation and SQL

Server 2000 compatible binary checksum operation can be performed on this article.
Error: 21018, Severity: 16, There are too many consecutive snapshot transactions in the distribution database. Run the Log Reader Agent again or clean up the distribution database.
Error: 21019, Severity: 10, Distribution agent for subscription added.
Error: 21020, Severity: 10, no comment specified.
Error: 21021, Severity: 16, Drop the Distributor before you uninstall replication.
Error: 21022, Severity: 16, If set ‘immediate_sync’ property of a publication to true then must also set ‘independent_agent’ property to true.
Error: 21023, Severity: 16, ‘%s’ is no longer supported.
Error: 21024, Severity: 16, The stored procedure ‘%s’ is already published as an incompatible type.
Error: 21025, Severity: 16, The string being encrypted cannot have null characters.
Error: 21026, Severity: 16, Cannot have an anonymous subscription on a publication that does not have an independent agent.
Error: 21027, Severity: 16, ‘%s’ replication stored procedures are not installed. You must reinstall SQL Server with Replication.
Error: 21028, Severity: 16, Replication components are not installed on this server. Run SQL Server Setup again and select the option to install replication.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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