SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 20707 to Error: 20726



Error: 20707, Severity: 10, Failed to publish the article with identityrangemanagementoption set to ‘auto’ due to one or more errors.
Error: 20708, Severity: 10, An article is not allowed to be part of a logical record when it has a custom business logic resolver.
Error: 20709, Severity: 10, The merge process could not clean up the conflict table “%s” for publication “%s”.
Error: 20710, Severity: 16, Incorrect identity range allocation was detected when logging identity range allocation information on the distributor for publisher ‘%s’, publisher_db ‘%s’,

publication ‘%s’ and article ‘%s’.
Error: 20711, Severity: 16, The dynamic filters property for publication ‘%s’ has been incorrectly set. Use sp_changemergepublication to reset the value to true if the publication uses parameterized filters and false if it does not.
Error: 20712, Severity: 16, Unable to acquire the replication merge administrative application lock for database ‘%s’. This could be due an active snapshot running while the schema change (DDL) or the administrative proc change was attempted.

Error: 20713, Severity: 16, Replication merge admin stored procedure ‘%s’ failed for publication ‘%s’. This could be due an active snapshot running while the admin proc was called.
Error: 20714, Severity: 16, Failed to prepare article ‘%s’ in publication ‘%s’ for merge replication.
Error: 20715, Severity: 16, Failed to create merge replication triggers for object ‘%s’.
Error: 20716, Severity: 16, Failed to create publication views for merge replication publication ‘%s’.
Error: 20717, Severity: 16, sp_addmergelogsettings failed to add log settings. If log settings already exist for this subscription then use sp_changemergelogsettings to change the settings or sp_dropmergelogsettings to remove the settings.
Error: 20718, Severity: 16, Log settings do not exist for subscriber server ‘%s’, subscriber db ‘%s’, webserver ‘%s’. Use sp_addmergelogsettings to add the settings.
Error: 20719, Severity: 16, sp_changemergelogsettings failed to update log settings. Check the parameter values.
Error: 20720, Severity: 16, Log settings do not exist for subscriber server ‘%s’, subscriber db ‘%s’, webserver ‘%s’.
Error: 20721, Severity: 16, sp_dropmergelogsettings failed to remove log settings.
Error: 20722, Severity: 16, ‘%s’ failed. The value for parameter ‘%s’ is not valid. Valid values are @support_options [0 – 5], @log_severity [1 – 4], @log_file_size [2,000,000 – 999,000,000], @no_of_log_files [2 – 500], @upload_interval [0 – 40320], @delete_after_upload [0 – 1].
Error: 20723, Severity: 16, Computed column “%s” can only be added to publication after its depending object “%s” is added.
Error: 20724, Severity: 16, Could not find a valid command line for the dynamic snapshot job with job_id ‘%s’ for publication ‘%s’.
Error: 20725, Severity: 16, Unable to update the dynamic snapshot location for the dynamic snapshot job with job_id ‘%s’ in publication ‘%s’.
Error: 20726, Severity: 16, Failed to change the dynamic snapshot location in one or more dynamic snapshot jobs for the given publication.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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