SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 20626 to Error: 20645



Error: 20626, Severity: 16, Filter ‘%s’ already exists in publication ‘%s’. Specify a unique name for the @filtername parameter of sp_addmergefilter.
Error: 20627, Severity: 16, Partition id has to be greater than or equal to 0.
Error: 20628, Severity: 16, Failed to generate dynamic snapshot.
Error: 20629, Severity: 16, Failed to get partition id information.
Error: 20630, Severity: 16, Cannot create partitioned snapshot job. A job already exists for publication ‘%ls’ that uses the values you specified for the @suser_sname and/or @host_name parameters of sp_adddynamicsnapshot_job. If the job that already exists is

not working correctly,
Error: 20631, Severity: 16, Cannot find a location in which to generate a partitioned snapshot. Verify that the there is a valid snapshot folder specified for the publication. This can be the default folder associated with the Distributor or an alternate folder associated with the p
Error: 20632, Severity: 16, Failed to create a dynamic snapshot job to generate the dynamic snapshot.

Error: 20633, Severity: 16, Cannot start the partitioned snapshot job. Verify that SQL Server Agent is running on the Distributor.
Error: 20634, Severity: 16, The root publication information could not be found on the republisher.
Error: 20635, Severity: 16, A push subscription to ‘%ls’ was found. Cannot add a pull subscription agent for a push subscription.
Error: 20636, Severity: 16, Cannot generate merge replication stored procedures for article ‘%s’. Stored procedures are generated on the Publisher when the Snapshot Agent runs or when a data definition language action is performed; they are generated on the Subscriber when the snaps
Error: 20637, Severity: 10, The article order specified in the @processing_order parameter of sp_addmergearticle does not reflect the primary key-foreign key relationships between published tables. Article ‘%s’ references one or more articles that will be created after it is created
Error: 20638, Severity: 10, Merge table articles do not support different values for the @source_object and @destination_object parameters of sp_addmergearticle. Either do not specify a value for @destination_object, or specify the same value for both parameters.
Error: 20639, Severity: 16, Cannot enable the publication to support non-SQL Server subscriptions because the publication is enabled for updatable subscriptions. To support non-SQL Server subscriptions, drop the existing publication and create a new one with the properties allow_syn
Error: 20640, Severity: 16, Cannot change enabled for heterogeneous subscriptions property while there are subscriptions to the publication.
Error: 20641, Severity: 16, Failed to check if the subset_filterclause has a dynamic function in it.
Error: 20642, Severity: 16, Cannot add article ‘%s’ with one or more dynamic functions in the subset_filterclause ‘%s’ to publication ‘%s’ because the publication could have active subscriptions. Set @force_reinit_subscription to 1 to add the article and reinitialize all active subs
Error: 20643, Severity: 16, Cannot change the value of validate_subscriber_info for publication ‘%s’ because the publication has active subscriptions. Set @force_reinit_subscription to 1 to change the value and reinitialize all active subscriptions.
Error: 20644, Severity: 16, Invalid value “%s” specified for the parameter @identityrangemangementoption. Valid values are “auto”, “manual”, or “none”.
Error: 20645, Severity: 16, The property “%s” cannot be modified for publications that are enabled for non-SQL Server subscriptions.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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