SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 20522 to Error: 20541



Error: 20522, Severity: 16, sp_MSmark_proc_norepl: invalid object name ‘%s’.
Error: 20523, Severity: 16, Could not validate the article ‘%s’. It is not activated.
Error: 20524, Severity: 10, Table ‘%s’ may be out of synchronization. Rowcounts (actual: %s, expected: %s). Rowcount method %d used (0 = Full, 1 = Fast).
Error: 20525, Severity: 10, Table ‘%s’ might be out of synchronization. Rowcounts (actual: %s, expected %s). Checksum values (actual: %s, expected: %s).
Error: 20526, Severity: 10, Table ‘%s’ passed rowcount (%s) validation. Rowcount method %d used (0 = Full, 1 = Fast).

Error: 20527, Severity: 10, Table ‘%s’ passed rowcount (%s) and checksum validation. Checksum is not compared for any text or image columns.
Error: 20528, Severity: 10, Log Reader Agent startup message.
Error: 20529, Severity: 10, Starting agent.
Error: 20530, Severity: 10, Run agent.
Error: 20531, Severity: 10, Detect nonlogged agent shutdown.

Error: 20532, Severity: 10, Replication agent schedule.
Error: 20533, Severity: 10, Replication agents checkup
Error: 20534, Severity: 10, Detects replication agents that are not logging history actively.
Error: 20535, Severity: 10, Removes replication agent history from the distribution database.
Error: 20536, Severity: 10, Replication: agent failure
Error: 20537, Severity: 10, Replication: agent retry
Error: 20538, Severity: 10, Replication: expired subscription dropped
Error: 20539, Severity: 10, Replication Warning: %s (Threshold: %s)
Error: 20540, Severity: 10, Replication: agent success
Error: 20541, Severity: 10, Removes replicated transactions from the distribution database.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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