SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 19065 to Error: 19108



Error: 19065, Severity: 16, The parameter is not valid.
Error: 19066, Severity: 16, Cannot modify a restricted trace.
Error: 19067, Severity: 16, Cannot create a new trace because the trace file path is found in the existing traces.
Error: 19068, Severity: 16, The trace file path is not valid or not supported.
Error: 19069, Severity: 16, The trace file name is not valid because it contains a rollover file number (NNN in C:\file_NNN) while the trace rollover option is enabled.

Error: 19070, Severity: 16, The default trace cannot be stopped or modified. Use SP_CONFIGURE to turn it off.
Error: 19071, Severity: 16, Stopping the trace because the current trace file is full and the rollover option is not specified.
Error: 19096, Severity: 16, Fail to delete an old trace file ‘%ls’. Error = ‘%ls’.
Error: 19097, Severity: 10, Windows error occurred while running %s. Error = %s.
Error: 19098, Severity: 16, An error occurred starting the default trace. Cause: %ls Use sp_configure to turn off and then turn on the ‘default trace enabled’ advanced server configuration option.

Error: 19099, Severity: 16, Trace ID ‘%d’ was stopped because of an error. Cause: %ls. Restart the trace after correcting the problem.
Error: 19100, Severity: 10, Initialization succeeded.
Error: 19101, Severity: 10, Initialization failed with an infrastructure error. Check for previous errors.
Error: 19102, Severity: 10, Unable to create a node listener object. Check for memory-related errors.
Error: 19103, Severity: 10, An error occurred while starting shared memory support.
Error: 19104, Severity: 10, All protocols are disabled.
Error: 19105, Severity: 10, Unable to create a node listener object for a special instance. Check for memory-related errors.
Error: 19106, Severity: 10, Unable to trim spaces in an IP address. Check TCP/IP protocol settings.
Error: 19107, Severity: 10, ‘TcpKeepAlive’ registry setting is the wrong type. Check TCP/IP protocol settings.
Error: 19108, Severity: 10, Unable to retrieve ‘TcpKeepAlive’ registry setting. Check TCP/IP protocol settings.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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