SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 18757 to Error: 18778



Error: 18757, Severity: 16, Unable to execute procedure. The database is not published. Execute the procedure in a database that is published for replication.
Error: 18760, Severity: 16, Invalid %ls statement for article %d. Verify that the stored procedures that propagate changes to Subscribers use the appropriate call syntax, and then rerun the Log Reader Agent. Use sp_helparticle and sp_changearticle to view and change the call syntax.
Error: 18761, Severity: 16, Commit record at {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} has already been distributed.

Error: 18762, Severity: 16, Invalid begin LSN {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} for commit record {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx}. Check DBTABLE.
Error: 18763, Severity: 16, Commit record {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} reports oldest active LSN as (0:0:0).
Error: 18764, Severity: 16, Execution of filter stored procedure %d failed. See the SQL Server errorlog for more information.
Error: 18765, Severity: 16, The “%s” log sequence number (LSN) that was specified for the replication log scan is invalid.
Error: 18766, Severity: 16, The replbeginlsn field in the DBTABLE is invalid.

Error: 18767, Severity: 16, The specified begin LSN {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} for replication log scan occurs before replbeginlsn {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx}.
Error: 18768, Severity: 16, The specified LSN {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} for repldone log scan occurs before the current start of replication in the log {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx}.
Error: 18769, Severity: 16, The specified LSN {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} for repldone log scan is not a replicated commit record.
Error: 18770, Severity: 16, The specified LSN {%08lx:%08lx:%04lx} for repldone log scan is not present in the transaction log.
Error: 18771, Severity: 16, Invalid storage type %d specified writing variant of type %d.
Error: 18772, Severity: 16, Invalid server data type (%d) specified in repl type lookup.
Error: 18773, Severity: 16, Could not locate text information records for the column “%.*ls”, ID %d during command construction.
Error: 18774, Severity: 16, The stored procedure %s must be executed within a transaction.
Error: 18775, Severity: 16, The Log Reader Agent encountered an unexpected log record of type %u encountered while processing DML operation.
Error: 18776, Severity: 16, An error occurred while waiting on the article cache access event.
Error: 18777, Severity: 16, %s: Error initializing MSMQ components
Error: 18778, Severity: 16, %s: Error opening Microsoft Message Queue %s

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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