SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 14031 to Error: 14050



Error: 14031, Severity: 16, User tables and views are the only valid synchronization objects.
Error: 14032, Severity: 16, The value of parameter %s cannot be ‘all’. It is reserved by replication stored procedures.
Error: 14033, Severity: 16, Could not change replication frequency because there are active subscriptions on the publication.
Error: 14034, Severity: 16, The publication name (@publication) cannot be the keyword ‘all’.

Error: 14035, Severity: 16, The replication option ‘%s’ of database ‘%s’ has already been set to true.
Error: 14036, Severity: 16, Could not enable database for publishing.
Error: 14037, Severity: 16, The replication option ‘%s’ of database ‘%s’ has been set to false.
Error: 14038, Severity: 16, Could not disable database for publishing.
Error: 14039, Severity: 16, Could not construct column clause for article view. Reduce the number of columns or create the view manually.
Error: 14040, Severity: 16, The server ‘%s’ is already a Subscriber.
Error: 14041, Severity: 16, The ‘%s’ property can only be changed if the publication is enabled for heterogeneous subscriptions. The publication is not enabled.

Error: 14042, Severity: 16, Could not create Subscriber.
Error: 14043, Severity: 16, The parameter %s passed to stored procedure %s cannot be NULL.
Error: 14044, Severity: 16, Unable to clear subscriber status for the server.
Error: 14045, Severity: 16, Unable to update subscriber_type in MSdistribution_agents table.
Error: 14046, Severity: 16, Could not drop article. A subscription exists on it.
Error: 14047, Severity: 16, Could not drop %s.
Error: 14048, Severity: 16, The server ‘%s’ is not a Subscriber.
Error: 14049, Severity: 16, Stored procedures for replication are the only objects that can be used as a filter.
Error: 14050, Severity: 11, No subscription is on this publication or article.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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