SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 14011 to Error: 14030



Error: 14011, Severity: 16, Unable to mark server ‘%s’ as a non SQL Server subscriber.
Error: 14012, Severity: 16, The @status parameter value must be either ‘active’ or ‘inactive’.
Error: 14013, Severity: 16, This database is not enabled for publication.
Error: 14014, Severity: 16, The synchronization method (@sync_method) must be ‘[bcp] native’, ‘[bcp] character’, ‘concurrent’, ‘concurrent_c’, ‘database snapshot’, or ‘database snapshot character’.

Error: 14015, Severity: 16, The replication frequency (@repl_freq) must be either ‘continuous’ or ‘snapshot’.
Error: 14016, Severity: 16, The publication ‘%s’ already exists.
Error: 14017, Severity: 16, Invalid @restricted parameter value. Valid options are ‘true’ or ‘false’.
Error: 14018, Severity: 16, Could not create the publication.
Error: 14019, Severity: 16, The @operation parameter value must be either add, drop, or alter.
Error: 14020, Severity: 16, Could not obtain the column ID for the specified column.

Schema replication failed.
Error: 14021, Severity: 16, The column was not added correctly to the article.
Error: 14022, Severity: 16, The @property parameter value must be either ‘description’, ‘sync_object’, ‘type’, ‘ins_cmd’, ‘del_cmd’, ‘upd_cmd’, ‘filter’, ‘dest_table’, ‘dest_object’, ‘creation_script’, ‘pre_creation_cmd’, ‘status’, ‘schema_option’, or ‘destination_owner’.
Error: 14023, Severity: 16, The type must be ‘[indexed view ]logbased[ (manualview|manualfilter|manualboth)]’, ‘[serializable ]proc exec’, or ‘(view|indexed view|proc|func|aggregate|synonym) schema only’.
Error: 14024, Severity: 16, The value of property ‘subscriber_provider’ cannot be NULL.
Error: 14025, Severity: 10, Article update successful.
Error: 14026, Severity: 16, The value of property ‘subscriber_type is not a supported heterogeneous subscriber type. The value must be 1 (ODBC subscriber), or 3 (OLEDB subscriber).
Error: 14027, Severity: 11, %s does not exist in the current database.
Error: 14028, Severity: 16, Only user tables, materialized views, and stored procedures can be published as ‘logbased’ articles.
Error: 14029, Severity: 16, The vertical partition switch must be either ‘true’ or ‘false’.
Error: 14030, Severity: 16, The article ‘%s’ exists in publication ‘%s’.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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