SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 10319 to Error: 10338



Error: 10319, Severity: 16, UserDefinedType method call failed because parameter %d of method ‘%.*ls’ of type ‘%.*ls’ is annotated with unsupported attribute System.ParamArrayAttribute.
Error: 10320, Severity: 16, Method name ‘%.*ls’ is invalid for ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 10321, Severity: 16, Method name ‘%.*ls’ is invalid for UserDefinedType method call.
Error: 10322, Severity: 16, Type %.*ls not found in database %.*ls

Error: 10323, Severity: 16, Invalid user code has been identified by .Net Framework Managed Debug Assistant %.*ls
Error: 10324, Severity: 16, WITH ENCRYPTION option of CREATE TRIGGER is only applicable to T-SQL triggers and not to CLR triggers.
Error: 10325, Severity: 16, The server is shutting down due to stack overflow in user’s unmanaged code.
Error: 10326, Severity: 16, Two versions of assembly ‘%.*ls’ cannot coexist in database ‘%.*ls’. Keep one version and drop the other.

Error: 10327, Severity: 14, %ls ASSEMBLY for assembly ‘%.*ls’ failed because assembly ‘%.*ls’ is not authorized for PERMISSION_SET = %ls. The assembly is authorized when either of the following is true: the database owner (DBO) has %ls permission and the database has the TRUSTWORTH
Error: 10328, Severity: 16, There is not enough stack to create appdomain ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 10329, Severity: 16, .Net Framework execution was aborted. %.*ls
Error: 10330, Severity: 16, ALTER ASSEMBLY failed because serialization layout of type ‘%s’ would change as a result of a change in type ‘%s’ in the updated assembly. Persisted types are not allowed to change serialization layout.
Error: 10331, Severity: 16, Type ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%.*ls’ derives from a generic type which is not supported for a CLR Type.
Error: 10332, Severity: 16, Assembly “%.*ls” was built using version %.*ls of the .NET Framework. SQL Server currently uses version %s.
Error: 10333, Severity: 16, Failed to obtain ICLRAppDomainResourceMonitor interface from CLR. The error code from CLR was: 0x%x. As a result, resource monitoring won’t work for AppDomain with ID %d.
Error: 10334, Severity: 16, Changing the database compatibility level has caused data to be marked as unchecked in one or more objects in database %s. Refer to the column has_unchecked_assembly_data in the sys.tables and sys.views to locate all such objects.
Error: 10335, Severity: 16, The Common Language Runtime (CLR) was loaded in an unsupported manner. This can occur if an extended stored procedure or OLE Automation object running in SQL Server calls into managed code before the CLR integration runtime host loads the CLR. You need to
Error: 10336, Severity: 10, Failed to enque task to start CLR during SQL server startup. Error code: %u. CLR will be started in an on-demand fashion.
Error: 10337, Severity: 16, An internal error occurred.
Error: 10338, Severity: 16, Verification of assembly failed. Could not open the physical file ‘%.*ls’: %ls.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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