SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 3111 to Error: 3133


You may receive various errors in SQL Server while working. Below are some of the SQL Server Errors from Error: 3111 to Error: 3133

Error: 3111, Severity: 16,
Page %S_PGID is a control page which cannot be restored in isolation. To repair this page, the entire file must be restored.,

Error: 3112, Severity: 16,
Cannot restore any database other than master when the server is in single user mode.,

Error: 3113, Severity: 16,
Invalid data was detected.,

Error: 3115, Severity: 16,
The database is using the simple recovery model. It is not possible to restore a subset of the read-write data.,

Error: 3116, Severity: 16,
The supplied backup is not on the same recovery path as the database, and is ineligible for use for an online file restore.,

Error: 3117, Severity: 16,
The log or differential backup cannot be restored because no files are ready to rollforward.,

Error: 3118, Severity: 16,
The database “%ls” does not exist. RESTORE can only create a database when restoring either a full backup or a file backup of the primary file.,

Error: 3119, Severity: 16,
Problems were identified while planning for the RESTORE statement. Previous messages provide details.,

Error: 3120, Severity: 16,
This backup set will not be restored because all data has already been restored to a point beyond the time covered by this backup set.,

Error: 3121, Severity: 16,
The file “%ls” is on a recovery path that is inconsistent with application of this backup set. RESTORE cannot continue.,

Error: 3122, Severity: 16,
File initialization failed. RESTORE cannot continue.,

Error: 3123, Severity: 16,
Invalid database name ‘%.*ls’ specified for backup or restore operation.,

Error: 3125, Severity: 16,
The database is using the simple recovery model. The data in the backup it is not consistent with the current state of the database. Restoring more data is required before recovery is possible. Either restore a full file backup taken since the data was ma,

Error: 3127, Severity: 16,
The file ‘%.*ls’ of restored database ‘%ls’ is being left in the defunct state because the database is using the simple recovery model and the file is marked for read-write access. Therefore, only read-only files can be recovered by piecemeal restore.,

Error: 3128, Severity: 16,
File ‘%ls’ has an unsupported page size (%d).,

Error: 3129, Severity: 16,
The contents of the file “%ls” are not consistent with a transition into the restore sequence. A restore from a backup set may be required.,

Error: 3130, Severity: 10,
The filegroup “%ls” is selected. At the time of backup it was known by the name “%ls”‘. RESTORE will continue operating upon the renamed filegroup.,

Error: 3131, Severity: 10,
The file “%ls” is selected. At the time of backup it was known by the name “%ls”. RESTORE will continue operating upon the renamed file.,

Error: 3132, Severity: 16,
The media set has %d media families but only %d are provided. All members must be provided.,

Error: 3133, Severity: 16,
The volume on device “%ls” is sequence number %d of media family %d, but sequence number %d of media family %d is expected. Check that the device specifications and loaded media are correct.,

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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