SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 3703 to Error: 3733



Error: 3703, Severity: 16, Cannot detach the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because it is currently in use.,
Error: 3705, Severity: 16, Cannot use DRP %ls with ‘%.*ls’ because ‘%.*ls’ is a %S_MSG. Use %ls.,
Error: 3706, Severity: 16, Cannot %S_MSG a database snapshot.,
Error: 3707, Severity: 16, Cannot detach a suspect or recovery pending database. It must be repaired or dropped.,
Error: 3708, Severity: 16, Cannot %S_MSG the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because it is a system %S_MSG.,
Error: 3709, Severity: 16, Cannot %S_MSG the database while the database snapshot “%.*ls” refers to it. Drp that database first.,

Error: 3710, Severity: 16, Cannot detach an opened database when the server is in minimally configured mode.,
Error: 3716, Severity: 16, The %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ cannot be dropped because it is bound to one or more %S_MSG.,
Error: 3717, Severity: 16, Cannot drp a default constraint by DRP DEFAULT statement. Use ALTR TABLE to drp a constraint default.,
Error: 3721, Severity: 16, Type ‘%.*ls’ cannot be renamed because it is being referenced by object ‘%.*ls’.,
Error: 3723, Severity: 16, An explicit DRP INDEX is not allowed on index ‘%.*ls’. It is being used for %ls constraint enforcement.,
Error: 3724, Severity: 16, Cannot %S_MSG the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because it is being used for replication.,
Error: 3725, Severity: 16, The constraint ‘%.*ls’ is being referenced by table ‘%.*ls’, foreign key constraint ‘%.*ls’.,

Error: 3726, Severity: 16, Could not drp object ‘%.*ls’ because it is referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.,
Error: 3727, Severity: 10, Could not drp constraint. See previous errors.,
Error: 3728, Severity: 16, ‘%.*ls’ is not a constraint.,
Error: 3729, Severity: 16, Cannot %ls ‘%.*ls’ because it is being referenced by object ‘%.*ls’.,
Error: 3730, Severity: 16, Cannot drp the default constraint ‘%.*ls’ while it is being used by a foreign key as SET DEFAULT referential action.,
Error: 3732, Severity: 16, Cannot drp type ‘%.*ls’ because it is being referenced by object ‘%.*ls’. There may be other objects that reference this type.,
Error: 3733, Severity: 16, Constraint ‘%.*ls’ does not belong to table ‘%.*ls’.,

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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