SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 3182 to Error: 3203



Error: 3182, Severity: 16, The backup set cannot be restored because the database was damaged when the backup occurred. Salvage attempts may exploit WITH CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR.,
Error: 3183, Severity: 16, RESTORE detected an error on page (%d:%d) in database “%ls” as read from the backup set.,
Error: 3184, Severity: 10, RESTORE WITH CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR was successful but some damage was encountered. Inconsistencies in the database are possible.,
Error: 3185, Severity: 16, RESTORE cannot apply this backup set because the database is suspect. Restore a backup set that repairs the damage.,

Error: 3186, Severity: 16, The backup set has been damaged. RESTORE will not attempt to apply this backup set.,
Error: 3187, Severity: 16, RESTORE WITH CHECKSUM cannot be specified because the backup set does not contain checksum information.,
Error: 3188, Severity: 10, The backup set was written with damaged data by a BACKUP WITH CONTINUE_AFTER_ERROR.,
Error: 3189, Severity: 16, Damage to the backup set was detected.,
Error: 3190, Severity: 16, Filegroup ‘%ls’ cannot be restored because it does not exist in the backup set.,
Error: 3191, Severity: 16, Restore cannot continue because file ‘%ls’ cannot be written. Ensure that all files in the database are writable.,
Error: 3192, Severity: 10, Restore was successful but deferred transactions remain. These transactions cannot be resolved because there are data that is unavailable. Either use RESTORE to make that data available or drop the filegroups if you never need this data again. Dropping th,

Error: 3194, Severity: 16, Page %S_PGID is beyond the end of the file. Only pages that are in the current range of the file can be restored.,
Error: 3195, Severity: 16, Page %S_PGID cannot be restored from this backup set. RESTORE PAGE can only be used from full backup sets or from the first log or differential backup taken since the file was added to the database.,
Error: 3196, Severity: 16, RESTORE master WITH SNAPSHOT is not supported. To restore master from a snapshot backup, stop the service and copy the data and log file.,
Error: 3197, Severity: 10, I/O is frozen on database %ls. No user action is required. However, if I/O is not resumed promptly, you could cancel the backup.,
Error: 3198, Severity: 10, I/O was resumed on database %ls. No user action is required.,
Error: 3199, Severity: 16, RESTORE requires MAXTRANSFERSIZE=%u but %u was specified.,
Error: 3201, Severity: 16, Cannot open backup device ‘%ls’. Operating system error %ls.,
Error: 3202, Severity: 16, Write on “%ls” failed: %ls,
Error: 3203, Severity: 16, Read on “%ls” failed: %ls,

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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