SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 2711 to Error: 2735



Error: 2711, Severity: 16, The definition of object “%.*ls” in the resource database contains the non-ASCII character “%.*ls”.,
Error: 2712, Severity: 16, Database ‘%.*ls’ can not be configured as a distribution database because it has change tracking enabled.,
Error: 2714, Severity: 16, There is already an object named ‘%.*ls’ in the database.,
Error: 2715, Severity: 16, Column, parameter, or variable #%d: Cannot find data type %.*ls.,
Error: 2716, Severity: 16, Column, parameter, or variable #%d: Cannot specify a column width on data type %.*ls.,

Error: 2717, Severity: 15, The size (%d) given to the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ exceeds the maximum allowed (%d).,
Error: 2719, Severity: 16, Upgrade of database “%.*ls” failed because it contains a user named “sys” which is a reserved user or schema name in this version of SQL Server.,
Error: 2720, Severity: 16, Cannot schema bind %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because it references system object ‘%.*ls’.,
Error: 2722, Severity: 16, Xml data type methods are not allowed in expressions in this context.,
Error: 2724, Severity: 10, Parameter or variable ‘%.*ls’ has an invalid data type.,
Error: 2725, Severity: 16, An online operation cannot be performed for %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ because the index contains column ‘%.*ls’ of data type text, ntext, image or FILESTREAM. For a non-clustered index, the column could be an include column of the index. For a clustered index, the c,

Error: 2726, Severity: 16, Partition function ‘%.*ls’ uses %d columns which does not match with the number of partition columns used to partition the table or index.,
Error: 2727, Severity: 11, Cannot find index ‘%.*ls’.,
Error: 2728, Severity: 16, Cannot partition on more than %d columns.,
Error: 2729, Severity: 16, Column ‘%.*ls’ in %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ cannot be used in an index or statistics or as a partition key because it is non-deterministic.,
Error: 2730, Severity: 11, Cannot create procedure ‘%.*ls’ with a group number of %d because a procedure with the same name and a group number of 1 does not currently exist in the database. Must execute CREATE PROCEDURE ‘%.*ls’;1 first.,
Error: 2731, Severity: 16, Column ‘%.*ls’ has invalid width: %d.,
Error: 2732, Severity: 16, Error number %ld is invalid. The number must be from %ld through %ld and it cannot be 50000.,
Error: 2733, Severity: 16, The %ls data type is invalid for return values.,
Error: 2735, Severity: 16, Cannot create primary xml, selective xml or spatial index ‘%.*ls’ on ‘%.*ls’ because PRIMARY KEY constraint contains column(s) of type timestamp.,

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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