SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 2233 to Error: 2264



Error: 2233, Severity: 16, %sThe operand of “%ls” has an invalid type.,
Error: 2234, Severity: 16, %sThe operator “%ls” cannot be applied to “%ls” and “%ls” operands.,
Error: 2235, Severity: 16, %sAn argument list was applied to a non-function term.,
Error: 2236, Severity: 16, %sThere are not enough actual arguments in the call to function “%ls”.,
Error: 2237, Severity: 16, %sDerivation from anyType by extension is not supported in this release.,
Error: 2238, Severity: 16, %sToo many arguments in call to function ‘%ls’,

Error: 2240, Severity: 16, %sThe target of ‘insert into’ must be an element/document node, found ‘%ls’,
Error: 2241, Severity: 16, %sVariable expected: ‘$name’,
Error: 2242, Severity: 16, %sType specification expected.,
Error: 2243, Severity: 16, %sRelative path expression used without any context,
Error: 2247, Severity: 16, %sThe value is of type “%ls”, which is not a subtype of the expected type “%ls”.,
Error: 2248, Severity: 16, %sSyntax error near ‘%ls’, expected ‘as’, ‘into’, ‘before’ or ‘after’.,
Error: 2249, Severity: 16, %sThe target of ‘insert before/after’ must be an element/PI/comment/text node, found ‘%ls’,

Error: 2256, Severity: 16, %sSyntax error near ‘%ls’, expected a “node test”.,
Error: 2258, Severity: 16, %sThe position may not be specified when inserting an attribute node, found ‘%ls’,
Error: 2260, Severity: 16, %sThere is no element named ‘%ls’,
Error: 2261, Severity: 16, %sThere is no element named ‘%ls’ in the type ‘%ls’.,
Error: 2262, Severity: 16, %sThere is no element named ‘%ls:%ls’,
Error: 2263, Severity: 16, %sThere is no element named “%ls:%ls” in the type “%ls”.,
Error: 2264, Severity: 16, %sOnly non-document nodes may be deleted, found ‘%ls’,

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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