SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 1472 to Error: 1505



Error: 1472, Severity: 16,
The database mirroring connection terminated. Communications error sending message for database “%.*ls”.

Error: 1473, Severity: 16,
This SQL Server edition does not allow changing the safety level. ALTER DATABASE command failed.

Error: 1474, Severity: 16,
Database mirroring connection error %d ‘%.*ls’ for ‘%.*ls’.

Error: 1475, Severity: 16,
Database “%.*ls” might contain bulk logged changes that have not been backed up. Take a log backup on the principal database or primary database. Then restore this backup either on the mirror database to enable database mirroring or on every secondary dat

Error: 1476, Severity: 16,
Database mirroring timeout value %d exceeds the maximum value 32767.

Error: 1477, Severity: 16,
The database mirroring safety level must be FULL to manually failover database “%.*ls”. Set safety level to FULL and retry.

Error: 1478, Severity: 16,
The mirror database, “%.*ls”, has insufficient transaction log data to preserve the log backup chain of the principal database. This may happen if a log backup from the principal database has not been taken or has not been restored on the mirror database

Error: 1479, Severity: 16,
The mirroring connection to “%.*ls” has timed out for database “%.*ls” after %d seconds without a response. Check the service and network connections.

Error: 1480, Severity: 10,
The %S_MSG database “%.*ls” is changing roles from “%ls” to “%ls” because the mirroring session or availability group failed over due to %S_MSG. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.

Error: 1481, Severity: 10,
Database mirroring could not repair physical page %S_PGID in database “%.*ls”. The mirroring partner could not be contacted or did not provide a copy of the page. Possible reasons include a lack of network connectivity or that the copy of the page kept by

Error: 1482, Severity: 10,
Database mirroring failed to get snapshot synchrinization lock.

Error: 1485, Severity: 10,
Database mirroring has been enabled on this instance of SQL Server.

Error: 1486, Severity: 10,
Database Mirroring Transport is disabled in the endpoint configuration.

Error: 1487, Severity: 10,
Database mirroring is starting %d parallel redo thread(s) with database ‘%.*ls’ as the mirror copy. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.

Error: 1488, Severity: 16,
Database “%.*ls” database is in single user mode which is incompatible with participating in database mirroring or in an availability group. Set database to multi-user mode, and retry the operation.

Error: 1489, Severity: 10,
Database Mirroring is disabled on this server due to error %d. Check the errorlog and configuration for more information.

Error: 1490, Severity: 16,
The remote copy of database “%.*ls” has not been restored to a log backup that includes all filestream data files.

Error: 1499, Severity: 16,
Database mirroring error: status %u, severity %u, state %u, string %.*ls.

Error: 1501, Severity: 20,
Sort failure. Contact Technical Support.

Error: 1505, Severity: 16,
The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name ‘%.*ls’ and the index name ‘%.*ls’. The duplicate key value is %ls.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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