SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 1047 to Error: 1066



Error: 1047, Severity: 15,
Conflicting locking hints specified.

Error: 1048, Severity: 15,
Conflicting cursor options %ls and %ls.

Error: 1049, Severity: 15,
Mixing old and new syntax to specify cursor options is not allowed.

Error: 1050, Severity: 15,
This syntax is only allowed for parameterized queries.

Error: 1051, Severity: 15,
Cursor parameters in a stored procedure must be declared with OUTPUT and VARYING options, and they must be specified in the order CURSOR VARYING OUTPUT.

Error: 1052, Severity: 15,
Conflicting %ls options “%ls” and “%ls”.

Error: 1053, Severity: 15,
For DROP STATISTICS, you must provide both the object (table or view) name and the statistics name, in the form “objectname.statisticsname”.

Error: 1054, Severity: 15,
Syntax ‘%ls’ is not allowed in schema-bound objects.

Error: 1055, Severity: 15,
‘%.*ls’ is an invalid name because it contains a NULL character or an invalid unicode character.

Error: 1056, Severity: 15,
The number of elements in the select list exceeds the maximum allowed number of %d elements.

Error: 1057, Severity: 15,
The IDENTITY function cannot be used with a SELECT INTO statement containing a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator.

Error: 1058, Severity: 15,
Cannot specify both READ_ONLY and FOR READ ONLY on a cursor declaration.

Error: 1059, Severity: 15,
Cannot set or reset the ‘parseonly’ option within a procedure or function.

Error: 1060, Severity: 15,
The number of rows provided for a TOP or FETCH clauses row count parameter must be an integer.

Error: 1061, Severity: 16,
The text/ntext/image constants are not yet implemented.

Error: 1062, Severity: 16,
The TOP N WITH TIES clause is not allowed without a corresponding ORDER BY clause.

Error: 1063, Severity: 16,

Error: 1064, Severity: 16,
A filegroup cannot be used with log files.

Error: 1065, Severity: 15,
The NOLOCK and READUNCOMMITTED lock hints are not allowed for target tables of INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or MERGE statements.

Error: 1066, Severity: 10,
Warning. Line %d: The option ‘%ls’ is obsolete and has no effect.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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