SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 1005 to Error: 1024



Error: 1005, Severity: 15,
Line %d: Invalid procedure number (%d). Must be between 1 and 32767.

Error: 1006, Severity: 15,
CREATE TRIGGER contains no statements.

Error: 1007, Severity: 15,
The %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ is out of the range for numeric representation (maximum precision 38).

Error: 1008, Severity: 15,
The SELECT item identified by the ORDER BY number %d contains a variable as part of the expression identifying a column position. Variables are only allowed when ordering by an expression referencing a column name.

Error: 1009, Severity: 16,
The keyword DEFAULT is not allowed in DBCC commands.

Error: 1010, Severity: 15,
Invalid escape character ‘%.*ls’.

Error: 1011, Severity: 15,
The correlation name ‘%.*ls’ is specified multiple times in a FROM clause.

Error: 1012, Severity: 15,
The correlation name ‘%.*ls’ has the same exposed name as table ‘%.*ls’.

Error: 1013, Severity: 15,
The objects “%.*ls” and “%.*ls” in the FROM clause have the same exposed names. Use correlation names to distinguish them.

Error: 1014, Severity: 15,
A TOP or FETCH clause contains an invalid value.

Error: 1015, Severity: 15,
An aggregate cannot appear in an ON clause unless it is in a subquery contained in a HAVING clause or select list, and the column being aggregated is an outer reference.

Error: 1016, Severity: 15,
Outer join operators cannot be specified in a query containing joined tables.

Error: 1017, Severity: 15,
The %ls hint cannot be specified more than once.

Error: 1018, Severity: 15,
Incorrect syntax near ‘%.*ls’. If this is intended as a part of a table hint, A WITH keyword and parenthesis are now required. See SQL Server Books Online for proper syntax.

Error: 1019, Severity: 15,
Invalid column list after object name in GRANT/REVOKE statement.

Error: 1020, Severity: 15,
Sub-entity lists (such as column or security expressions) cannot be specified for entity-level permissions.

Error: 1021, Severity: 10,
FIPS Warning: Line %d has the non-ANSI statement ‘%ls’.

Error: 1022, Severity: 10,
FIPS Warning: Line %d has the non-ANSI clause ‘%ls’.

Error: 1023, Severity: 15,
Invalid parameter %d specified for %ls.

Error: 1024, Severity: 10,
FIPS Warning: Line %d has the non-ANSI function ‘%ls’.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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