SAP Error Messages and Error Codes from SAP Error 3W-626 to 3W-640


SAP Error: 3W-626
Desc: Enter employee percentage – unless employer pays 100 percentage-sign
SAP Internal Error: 14521
SAP Error: 3W-630
Desc: Registration for Individuals, Directors, or Members of CCs not required
SAP Internal Error: 14522
SAP Error: 3W-631
Desc: Inconsistent directive information has been entered, see details
SAP Internal Error: 14523

SAP Error: 3W-632
Desc: Registration info. for Trusts, Companies or CCs is mandatory for the IRP5
SAP Internal Error: 14524
SAP Error: 3W-633
Desc: The number of dependants entered does not correspond with personal data
SAP Internal Error: 14525
SAP Error: 3W-634
Desc: No tax reference number has been entered
SAP Internal Error: 14526

SAP Error: 3W-636
Desc: Tax year is incomplete for period modifier
SAP Internal Error: 14527
SAP Error: 3W-637
Desc: For period modifier , no payroll periods were found for
SAP Internal Error: 14528
SAP Error: 3W-638
Desc: An RSC region has been specified, but no RSC Levy will be calculated
SAP Internal Error: 14529
SAP Error: 3W-640
Desc: Age entries must cover the full range between 0 and 999
SAP Internal Error: 14530

Above are list of SAP Error codes and Error Messages and their Description including SAP Internal state and exact error code from SAP Error 626 to 3W-640 received while performing certain operation against SAP and related products.

What are SAP Error Messages and Error Codes?

There are many different types of error messages received while using SAP Suites which include different types of errors received while performing different operations against any SAP products like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Each SAP Error or Warning Message mentioned above contains the Warning or Error Message Statement, a short explanation of the probable causes of the Error message, and a recommended action where required. The received error will include Error code, Error Message or Warning Message and Internal Error.

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