SAP Business Objects Error Messages from Error WIS 30259 to WIS 30271

Your security profile does not include permission to extend the scope of analysis. (WIS 30259)
Cause You attempted to perform a drill operation outside the defined scope of analysis. Your administrator must grant you permission to perform such an
Action Contact your administrator.

An internal error occurred while calling the {api_name} API. (WIS 30270)
Cause Information about the document or the data source is invalid or not available.
Action Your Business Objects administrator can trace the problem that caused the error by activating the tracking and verifying the trace associated with the API.
Note: For information on how to trace system activity, seethe SAP Business Objects Enterprise Administrator’s Guide.

The document is too large to be processed by the Web Intelligence server. (WIS 30271)
Cause When you view a Web Intelligence in Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Excel format, the Web Intelligence server generates binary based output, which is then interpreted by your web browser. This errors occurs, if the size of the binary output is greater than the maximum size specified by your administrator for the Web Intelligence server.
Action An administrator can change the value of the Maximum character (binary) output parameter in the Web Intelligence Report Server. Increasing the maximum binary output can affect performance. Contact your administrator with this information.

Above are list of SAP Business Objects Error Messages from Error WIS 30259 to WIS 30271 received while performing certain operation against SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Suite or related products.

What are SAP Business Objects Error Messages?

There are many different types of error messages received while using SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Suite which include Administration (ADM) Errors,
Administration Wizard (ADW) Errors, BI Platform Servers (FWB) Errors , BIP Framework Middleware (FWM) Errors , Security (USR) Errors, Crystal Reports Errors, Dashboard and Analytics (EPM) Errors, Data Access Errors, Document and Universe Exchange Errors, Enterprise Application Errors, GUI Errors, Import Wizard (IWZ) Errors, List of Values Errors, SAP Live Office (LO) Errors, Metadata Bridges and Universe Builder (MDB) Errors, Publishing (FBE) Errors, Process Tracker (PT) Errors, SAP Query as a Web Service (QWS) Errors, Report Conversion Tool (RCT) Errors, Setup Errors , Translation Manager (UTM) Errors, Universe Errors, Voyager Errors, Web Intelligence Errors, HTTP errors.

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