SAP Business Objects Error Messages from Error IWZ 00008 to IWZ 00011


The logon information is invalid. Enter the correct information to logon to the repository. (IWZ 00008)
Cause The logon information is not valid.
Action Ensure that your logon information is correct, and retry the logon.

Invalid Application Foundation conf folder. (IWZ 00009)
Cause The path you specified to the Application Foundation config folder cannot be found.
Action Make sure the specified folder location is the Application Foundation repository config folder.

Failed to get Application Foundation repository version. (IWZ 00010)
Cause An unknown exception has occurred.
Action Make sure the Application Foundation repository is functioning correctly.

Unable to decrypt keyfile contents – make sure it exists and is a valid keyfile (IWZ 00011)
Cause An error has occurred when accessing and decrypting the keyfile.
Action Ensure that:
• the specified keyfile exists
• you have read access
• it is not locked for reading by another application
• it is not in an unreadable legacy format.

Above are list of SAP Business Objects Error Messages from Error IWZ 00008 to IWZ 00011 received while performing certain operation against SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Suite or related products.

What are SAP Business Objects Error Messages?

There are many different types of error messages received while using SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Suite which include Administration (ADM) Errors,
Administration Wizard (ADW) Errors, BI Platform Servers (FWB) Errors , BIP Framework Middleware (FWM) Errors , Security (USR) Errors, Crystal Reports Errors, Dashboard and Analytics (EPM) Errors, Data Access Errors, Document and Universe Exchange Errors, Enterprise Application Errors, GUI Errors, Import Wizard (IWZ) Errors, List of Values Errors, SAP Live Office (LO) Errors, Metadata Bridges and Universe Builder (MDB) Errors, Publishing (FBE) Errors, Process Tracker (PT) Errors, SAP Query as a Web Service (QWS) Errors, Report Conversion Tool (RCT) Errors, Setup Errors , Translation Manager (UTM) Errors, Universe Errors, Voyager Errors, Web Intelligence Errors, HTTP errors.

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