SAP Business Objects Error Messages from Error FWM 12011 to FWM 14002


You have not been authorized to use this universe. (LOV0002)
Cause You do not have rights to this universe (to which lists of values have been assigned).
Action See the Business Objects supervisor to find out about the universes you are authorized to work with.

Syntax error (VAR0001)
Cause The query contains a condition with a prompt for which you must enter one or more values using a separator between each value. The separator is usually a semicolon (;) or a comma (,). It is defined in the Windows Control Panel (Regional Settings).
The error results from the use of the separator. Perhaps you entered it at the beginning of the prompt, or inadvertently entered it twice between two values.
Action In the Enter or Select Values dialog box, reenter the values using one separator between each value.

LO 01000 – LO 01999 The application is not ready. Please try again later. (LO 01001)
Cause The Office application is not ready to accept data.
Action Retry later.

Above are list of SAP Business Objects Error Messages from Error LOV0002 to LO 01001 received while performing certain operation against SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Suite or related products.

What are SAP Business Objects Error Messages?

There are many different types of error messages received while using SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Suite which include Administration (ADM) Errors,
Administration Wizard (ADW) Errors, BI Platform Servers (FWB) Errors , BIP Framework Middleware (FWM) Errors , Security (USR) Errors, Crystal Reports Errors, Dashboard and Analytics (EPM) Errors, Data Access Errors, Document and Universe Exchange Errors, Enterprise Application Errors, GUI Errors, Import Wizard (IWZ) Errors, List of Values Errors, SAP Live Office (LO) Errors, Metadata Bridges and Universe Builder (MDB) Errors, Publishing (FBE) Errors, Process Tracker (PT) Errors, SAP Query as a Web Service (QWS) Errors, Report Conversion Tool (RCT) Errors, Setup Errors , Translation Manager (UTM) Errors, Universe Errors, Voyager Errors, Web Intelligence Errors, HTTP errors.

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Information about SAP Business Objects Error Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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