Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-39701 to ORA-39710


ORA-39701: database must be mounted EXCLUSIVE for UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE
Cause: The database was mounted for SHARED cluster access.
Action: Set the CLUSTER_DATABASE initialization parameter to FALSE and restart the server with the UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE option.
ORA-39702: database not open for UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE
Cause: An upgrade, downgrade, reload, or patch script was invoked when the database was not open for UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE.
Action: Use STARTUP UPGRADE to open the database for upgrade or to apply a patch set. Use STARTUP DOWNGRADE for running a downgrade script or the reload script.
ORA-39703: server version and script version do not match
Cause: An upgrade, downgrade, reload, or patch script was invoked, but the database instance version was not the version for which the script was intended.
Action: Check that the correct ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables are set. Also check that the SQL script is being invoked from the correct ORACLE_HOME.

ORA-39704: permission to modify component registry entry denied
Cause: An attempt was made to modify an entry in the component registry, but the session user was not authorized; only the CONTROL or SCHEMA user for the component are authorized to modify the component registry entry.
Action: Connect as either the CONTROL or SCHEMA user for the component.
ORA-39705: component ‘string’ not found in registry
Cause: No entry in the component registry was found for the specfied component.
Action: Check the spelling of the component ID and use the DBA_REGISTRY view to list the existing components.
ORA-39706: schema ‘string’ not found
Cause: The schema name specified was not found in the database.
Action: Create the schema before loading the component.

ORA-39707: compatibile parameter string too high for downgrade to string
Cause: A downgrade was attempted, but the compatible initialization parameter value was greater than the downgrade release version.
Action: Once the compatible value has been raised, downgrade to earlier releases is not supported.
ORA-39708: component ‘string’ not a string component
Cause: The component was not a component for the specified namespace.
Action: Either enter a valid component identifier for the namespace or set the session namespace to the correct component namespace.
ORA-39709: incomplete component downgrade; string downgrade aborted
Cause: One or more components did not have a status of DOWNGRADED.
Action: Correct the component problem and re-run the downgrade script.
ORA-39710: only connect AS SYSDBA is allowed when OPEN in UPGRADE mode
Cause: An attempt was made to connect to a database when the database was OPEN for UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE.
Action: Try to connect again after the database upgrade or downgrade is complete.

Above are list of Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-39701 to ORA-39710 received while performing certain operation against Oracle Database or related products.

What are atOracle Database Error Messages?

Oracle Error Messages may be returned while using products which are part of Oracle Database. Each Oracle Dabase Error or Warning Message mentioned above contains the Warning or Error Message Statement, a short explanation of the probable causes of the Error message, and a recommended action.

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