Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-28103 to ORA-28112


ORA-28103: adding a policy to an object owned by SYS is not allowed
Cause: Try to add a policy to a table or a view owned by SYS.
Action: You can not perform this operation.
ORA-28104: input value for string is not valid
Cause: Input value for the argument is not valid
Action: specify a valid argument value.
ORA-28105: cannot create security relevant column policy in an object view
Cause: Security relevant column argument is not null in policy creation for an object view
Action: None

ORA-28106: input value for argument #string is not valid
Cause: Input values for the argument is missing or invalid.
Action: Correct the input values.
ORA-28107: policy was disabled
Cause: Try to flush a disabled policy.
Action: If the policy is supposed to be enforced, it must be enabled.
ORA-28108: circular security policies detected
Cause: Policies for the same object reference each other.
Action: Drop the policies

ORA-28109: the number of related policies has exceeded the limit of 16
Cause: Too many policies are involved in the same objects.
Action: Drop one or more policies. Or combine a few of them into one.
ORA-28110: policy function or package string.string has error
Cause: The policy function may have been dropped, or is no longer valid.
Action: Check the status of the function and correct the problem. Or re-create the policy with a valid function.
ORA-28111: insufficient privilege to evaluate policy predicate
Cause: Predicate has a subquery which contains objects that the owner of policy function does not have privilege to access.
Action: Grant appropriate privileges to the policy function owner.
ORA-28112: failed to execute policy function
Cause: The policy function has one or more error during execution.
Action: Check the trace file and correct the errors.

Above are list of Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-28103 to ORA-28112 received while performing certain operation against Oracle Database or related products.

What are Oracle Database Error Messages?

Oracle Error Messages may be returned while using products which are part of Oracle Database. Each Oracle Database Error or Warning Message mentioned above contains the Warning or Error Message Statement, a short explanation of the probable causes of the Error message, and a recommended action.

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