Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-23471 to ORA-23482


ORA-23471: template not authorized for user
Cause: The refresh template is private and the user has not been authorized to instantiate the template.
Action: Authorize the user to use the template.
ORA-23472: materialized view “string”.”string” must be atomically refreshed
Cause: Non-atomic refresh is not supported for the specified materialized view.
Action: Set the value of the ATOMIC parameter to FALSE in the refresh procedure being used or remove the specified materialized view from the set of materialized views being refreshed.
ORA-23473: replication RPC processing for “string”.”string” is disabled
Cause: The processing of replication RPCs for the object group that contains this object is disabled. This includes RPCs in the error queue.
Action: Processing of replication RPCs is disabled when the object group is being offline instantiated. Wait until offline instantiation is finished.

ORA-23474: definition of “string”.”string” has changed since generation of replication support
Cause: The current columns in the specified table and their column types do not match the columns and column types when replication support was last generated.
Action: Regenerate replication support for the affected table. All flavors that include the specified table should be checked for validity. Types for any UDT columns should also be checked for validity.
ORA-23475: key column string must be sent and compared
Cause: The specified column is a key column and must be sent and compared during replication propagation.
Action: Make sure every key column is sent and compared.
ORA-23476: cannot import from string to string
Cause: This object was imported from a database with a different global name than the importing database.
Action: Only import this object into a database with the same global name.

ORA-23477: unable to alter propagation mode for object group “string”.”string”
Cause: The propagation method of a materialized view object group can only be altered when no other object groups with the same master object group are sharing the materialized view site.
Action: Ensure that there are no other materialized view object groups at the local site with the same master object group.
ORA-23478: object group “string” is already mastered at string
Cause: There is at least one other materialized view repgroup at the local site with the same group name but a different master site.
Action: Ensure that all materialized view repgroups at the local site with the same group name have the same master.
ORA-23480: Column string is not a top-level column of “string”.”string”.
Cause: The column is either not a top-level column or is not present in the table or materialized view.
Action: Ensure only valid top-level columns are used.
ORA-23482: column string of “string”.”string”: object types not allowed.
Cause: The column is of Object Type.
Action: Ensure that all the columns are not of Object Type.

Above are list of Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-23471 to ORA-23482 received while performing certain operation against Oracle Database or related products.

What are Oracle Database Error Messages?

Oracle Error Messages may be returned while using products which are part of Oracle Database. Each Oracle Database Error or Warning Message mentioned above contains the Warning or Error Message Statement, a short explanation of the probable causes of the Error message, and a recommended action.

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