Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-06592 to ORA-06600



ORA-06592: CASE not found while executing CASE statement
Cause: A CASE statement must either list all possible cases or have an else clause.
Action: Add all missing cases or an else clause.
ORA-06593: string is not supported with natively compiled PL/SQL modules
Cause: Specified feature is not yet supported for natively compiled PL/SQL modules yet.
Action: Recompile the relevant PL/SQL modules in non-native mode by setting the parameter plsql_compiler_flags to INTERPRETED.

ORA-06595: REF CURSOR parameters are not supported in forwarded RPC calls
Cause: An attempt was made to make a forwarded RPC call with a REF CURSOR parameter.
Action: Either call the remote function directly (i.e., not by way of forwarding), or move the remote function to a database where it can be called directly.
ORA-06596: object cannot be purged, object is permanently kept in shared pool
Cause: The specified object was permanently kept, therefore, cannot be purged.
Action: Use DBMS_SHARED_POOL.UNKEEP procedure to unkeep the object and then purge it.

ORA-06597: Failed to increase the session’s call stack memory to string bytes at a depth of string calls. (The current maximum is string bytes.)
Cause: PL/SQL program execution used more call stack memory than permitted.
Action: * Ask your DBA to increase the maximum allowed call stack memory.
* Decrease the amount of call stack used by the program. This may be accomplished by using fewer, smaller local variables, or by limiting the depth of function call nesting.
ORA-06600: LU6.2 Driver: SNA software is not loaded
Cause: The SNA software is not running.
Action: Start the SNA software and try again.

Above are list of Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-06592 to ORA-06600 received while performing certain operation against Oracle Database or related products.

What are Oracle Database Error Messages?

Oracle Error Messages may be returned while using products which are part of Oracle Database.  Each Oracle Database Error or Warning Message mentioned above contains the Warning or Error Message Statement, a short explanation of the probable causes of the Error message, and a recommended action.

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