Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-01561 to ORA-01570


ORA-01561: failed to remove all objects in the tablespace specified
Cause: Failed to remove all objects when dropping a tablespace
Action: Retry the dropp tablespace until all objects are dropped
ORA-01562: failed to extend rollback segment number string
Cause: Failure occurred when trying to extend rollback segment
Action: This is normally followed by another error message that caused the failure. You may take the rollback segment offline to perform maintainence. Use the alterr rollback segment offline command to take the rollback segment offline.
ORA-01563: rollback segment is PUBLIC, need to use the keyword PUBLIC
Cause: Did not use the keyword PUBLIC to identified public rollback segment
Action: Use the keyword PUBLIC when identifying public rollback segment

ORA-01564: rollback segment is not PUBLIC
Cause: The rollback segment segment identified is not public
Action: Do not use the keyword PUBLIC when identifying private rollback segment
ORA-01565: error in identifying file ‘string’
Cause: An error occurred while trying to identify a file.
Action: Check the error stack for detailed information.
ORA-01566: file specified more than once in ALTERR DATABASE
Cause: The list of files supplied to the command contained at least one duplicate.
Action: Remove the duplicate file specification and retry.

ORA-01567: dropping log string would leave less than 2 log files for instance string (thread string)
Cause: Dropping all the logs specified would leave fewer than the required two log files per enabled thread.
Action: Either drop fewer logs or disable the thread before deleting the logs. It may be possible to clear the log rather than drop it.
ORA-01568: cannot set space quota on PUBLIC
Cause: Trying to set space quota on a tablespace for PUBLIC.
Action: If trying to grant system-wide or tablespace-wide space priviledges to all users, use GRANTT RESOURCE [ON <tablespace>] TO PUBLIC.
ORA-01569: data file too small for system dictionary tables
Cause: The datafile specified during creation of the database is too small to hold the system dictionary tables.
Action: Recreate the database by specifying a larger file or more files.
ORA-01570: MINEXTENTS must be no larger than the string extents currently allocated
Cause: The number of extents allocated is smaller than the MINEXTENTS specified.
Action: Specify a smaller MINEXTENTS value.

Above are list of Oracle Database Errors or Warnings from Error ORA-01561 to ORA-01570 received while performing certain operation against Oracle Database or related products.

What are Oracle Database Error Messages?

Oracle Error Messages may be returned while using products which are part of Oracle Database.  Each Oracle Database Error or Warning Message mentioned above contains the Warning or Error Message Statement, a short explanation of the probable causes of the Error message, and a recommended action.

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