List of Bugs Fixed in SQL Server 2014 CU8 – Part 4


With every release of SQL Server product or subsequent service packs or Cumulative updates, new bugs are encountered or discovered. Below are some of the bugs which were fixed with the release of Cumulative update package (CU) 8 for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

MSDN Support KB Article 3054180
FIX: It may take longer than expected to create a SQL Server LineString instance in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 SQL service
MSDN Support KB Article 3061685
FIX: Cannot create statistics when you execute statement to create it directly or in the background in SQL Server 2014 SQL performance
MSDN Support KB Article 3063054
Update enables Premium Storage support for Data files on Azure Storage and resolves backup failures SQL service

MSDN Support KB Article 3011867
SQL Server in-place upgrade fails if the there’s no JOBS folder Setup & Install
MSDN Support KB Article 2619077
FIX: Access violation when a missing task for a background clear operation tries to delete a missing index entry SQL service
MSDN Support KB Article 3067659

FIX: Data loss might occur when you use Windows Azure Storage in SQL Server 2014 on high latency networks SQL service
MSDN Support KB Article 3053752
FIX: PowerPivot Gallery displays Create Power View Report button incorrectly when you use SSAS 2014 as a data source Analysis Services
MSDN Support KB Article 3055646
FIX: Error 35377 when you run a parallel query that contains MERGE statements in SQL Server 2014 SQL service

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2014

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