List of Bugs Fixed in SQL Server 2012 SP1 – Part 6


With every release of SQL Server product or subsequent service packs or Cumulative updates, new bugs are encountered or discovered. Below are some of the bugs which were fixed with the release of SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP 1) for Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 973194
The TSqlParser.ParseSubQueryExpressionWithOptionalCTE() method returns NULL for a SELECTstatement that contains a common table expression (CTE) and a pair of parentheses in an SSDT project.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 978657
You cannot publish a business rule when the rule contains a “Equals a Concatenated Value” or “Must be Unique” action, and the selected attribute name has more than 128 characters.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 979356
Msg 515, Level 16, State 2, Procedure udp_test_Leaf, Line 335 Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘Code’, table ‘MDS.mdm.tblStgErrorDetail’; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails” error when you insert the NULL value into a column that allows for code in the tblStgErrorDetail table.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 1017627

Relationship staging tables do not have an index in the BatchTag column. When there are many records in a batch staging table, a staging process experiences slow performance. SQL Server 2012 SP1 adds an index on the BatchTag column.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 1022009
SQL Server 2012 SP1 now enables the String values to be converted to the Numeric values.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 861978
An error occurs, and you cannot find the SQL Server Reporting Services instance that you want to upgrade.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 887180

Setup program (uninstall or remove node) does not delete a service when the service is marked for deletion.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 895610
The 32-bit version of the SQL Server 2012 Express component is not updated when you install SQL Server support on 64-bit versions of Windows.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 934788
You cannot uninstall the localized shared feature in SQL Server Service Packs.
SQL Server MSDN Bug Number 936548
FIX: The value of UpdateDescription attribute is empty in the SQL Server 2012 SP1 Express edition slipstream package.

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

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