Introduction to Remote Database Administration (DBA) Services


Almost every organization produces data and has need to store and retive data in an efficient manner. There are various database management products like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, Informatica, TeraData, etc are available in the market and every organization uses one or more of the database management products. Most of the large and medium organizations have dedicated DBA team or atleast one or two DBAs who manage the databases and many organizations outsource their DBA operations to other reputed companies which provide Database Administration and related services.

The companies which employees DBAs and support Database Administration and Management operations may have dedicated office at different locations around the globe and DBAs visit the office daily and connects to the servers or databases and provides day to day support. However with recent development in the hardware and software industry the access to the servers or databases has become far more easier and flexible which allows DBAs to connect and manage servers or databases from any where with just having an Internet connection. There are various security measures taken to safe guard the data and the servers.

With these recent developments there is now an increase options of remove DBA services where in a company employees DBAs across the world and allow them to work from their houses and connect to the client environment through secure methods and then perform day to day activities from home itself without having to visit clients office or the vendors office. In future this will only further increase with the current success with the remote DBA services. Remote DBA services companies specialize in multiple Database Management and related softwares.

Management of databases systems is not plain simple as there are lot of things involved, thus many companies outsource their database operations to remote DBA service companies so that they can concentrate on their core business instead of worrying about the operations and management of non core stuff which is an overhead. Also, many organizations may not be able to afford to have DBAs available 24×7 as it may get very costly, instead they can avail 24×7 reliable DBA services by spending lesser amount or money. Currently remote DBA services are popularly used by many organizations for SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle E-Business  Suite, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, etc.

Remote DBA services generally operate on hourly price model, where a client buys certain number of hours per month and the DBA team installs an monitoring tool or uses existing monitoring tools already installed and works on the incidents raised by the monitoring tools. In addition to the regular monitoring, remote DBA service teams also provide many proactive tasks like health checks, performance reviews, security reviews, backup reviews, etc. The contracted hours can also be flexible like it can be increased if there are any new projects and can be reduced once the projects completes.

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