Informix Error Messages and Error Codes From Error 955 to 957


Informix Error Code -955 Database server could not receive data from client.
This internal error reflects a failure in communication between your client application and the database server software at another site. Restart your application. Look for operating-system messages that might give more information. If the problem recurs, ask your DBA to run network diagnostics. If the error recurs, please note all circumstances and contact Informix Technical Support. This message appears beginning with Version 6.0.

Informix Error Code -956 Client client-name is not in /etc/hosts.equiv on the remote host.
This operation cannot be completed because the specified remote computer does not recognize the name of the client computer (the local host, whose name the hostname command returns). Client names are normally recorded in the configuration file /etc/hosts.equiv. The rhosts file on the remote computer might also need modification. For more information on these files and the relation between them, try man rhosts on a UNIX system. See the remote host administrator to ensure that the client host name is specified in /etc/hosts.equiv file for the remote host. This message appears in versions prior to Version 6.0.

Informix Error Code -956 Client client-name or user is not trusted by the database server.
The desired database server does not consider the client computer or your user ID trusted. Ask the system administrator to include the client computer as a trusted host and/or your user id as a trusted user in the /etc/hosts.equiv file on the server computer or in the .rhosts file in your home directory on the server computer. See the UNIX manual pages on HOSTS.EQUIV(5) for more information.
Alternatively, you can explicitly specify your user name and password in the USER clause of a CONNECT statement or in the .netrc file in your home directory on the client computer. See the Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax for information on the CONNECT statement, and the UNIX manual pages regarding NETRC(5) for information on the .netrc file. This message appears with Version 6.0 and later.
Informix Error Code -957 Cannot create/access database on NFS mount.
Please note the specifics of your system when this internal error occurred, and contact Informix Technical Support.

Above are list of Informix Error Messages and Errors Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes along with Error and Warning messages received while performing certain operation against Informix applications or related products.

What are Informix Error Messages?
All Informix messages returned by the Informix server are assigned an error code.

In general, each Informix error contains the following information:
• The Informix Error Code or Informix Error status
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the Error code. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.

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