Informix Error Messages and Error Codes From Error 6063 to 6068


Informix Error Code -6063 NULL pointer parameter.
A parameter to this function call that is supposed to contain a pointer to memory in fact contains a C null pointer value (zero). Review the logic of the program to find out how this error occurred.
Informix Error Code -6064 Tried to terminate a transaction that hasn’t been started.
The program has called either dbcommit() or dbrollback() when a transaction is not in effect. Either dbbegin() had not been called to start a transaction, or a call to dbcommit(), dbrollback(), or dbselect() had already ended the transaction. Review the program logic to see why this error occurred.

Informix Error Code -6065 Database does not have transactions.
This call to dbbegin(), dbcommit() or dbrollback() is inappropriate because the current database does not support transactions. To use transaction processing to convert the database, see the reference material for your database server.
Informix Error Code -6066 Database server protocol error.
This internal error should not occur. If the error recurs, please note all circumstances and contact Informix Technical Support.

Informix Error Code -6067 Tried to unlock a table inside a transaction.
You cannot call dbunlock() inside a transaction, that is, after you call dbbegin() and before you call dbcommit() or dbrollback(). When you use transaction processing, all locks must remain in effect until the transaction is committed or rolled back. Ending the transaction releases all locks automatically.
Informix Error Code -6068 Data type not supported.
A column has a data type that this version of ALL does not support (for example, the BYTE data type). Review the requested column(s) against the actual table, and use only the columns that have numeric or CHAR data types.

Above are list of Informix Error Messages and Errors Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes along with Error and Warning messages received while performing certain operation against Informix applications or related products.

What are Informix Error Messages?
All Informix messages returned by the Informix server are assigned an error code.

In general, each Informix error contains the following information:
• The Informix Error Code or Informix Error status
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the Error code. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.

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