Informix Error Messages and Error Codes From Error 51015 to 51021


Informix Error Code -51015 Repository error. Either retrieval of information stored in the repository failed or performing an action in the repository failed.
An error occurred in one of the dynamic libraries that the Application Builder uses to access the private workspace.
Informix Error Code -51016 You cannot remove the currently open project. Please close the open project and then remove it.
A project cannot be removed while it is open and accessed by a user and other processes. To detach any connections to the current project, it must first be closed.

Informix Error Code -51018 The project directory you specified is a subdirectory of a directory that does not exist.
Either create the base directory or select a different directory for the project. Application Builder creates a project directory only if the base directory exists.
Informix Error Code -51019 The selected item cannot be checked out because it is currently checked out by another user.
Only one user can have a file or project locked at one time. If the file or project does not show a padlock icon, you might have an out-of-date version. Try reloading the file or project to see an updated view of it, or open the File Versioning or Project Versioning dialog box and look in the shared workspace tree view to see the latest version information. Using the tree view lets you avoid downloading the latest version of the file or project unnecessarily.

Informix Error Code -51020 A file with the name filename already exists in the component and cannot be added. Please rename the file if you wish to add it. To continue, press OK. To terminate the operation, press Cancel.
Each component can contain only uniquely named files. Otherwise, the binaries generated from the same-named source files would overwrite each other.
Informix Error Code -51021 The library name is already used by the component and cannot be added again. To continue, press OK. To terminate the operation, press Cancel.
You can include a library for reuse in a component only once. You receive link-time errors or warnings if you try to link in more than one copy of the same library.

Above are list of Informix Error Messages and Errors Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes along with Error and Warning messages received while performing certain operation against Informix applications or related products.

What are Informix Error Messages?
All Informix messages returned by the Informix server are assigned an error code.

In general, each Informix error contains the following information:
• The Informix Error Code or Informix Error status
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the Error code. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.

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