Informix Error Messages and Error Codes From Error 50700 to 50705


Informix Error Code 1-50700
This text is not an error message but is displayed in an ixOleField when the displayType is displayText. This text is placed in the .msg file for ease of maintenance.
Informix Error Code 1-50701 Invalid data for an ixOleField.
An attempt was made to store non-SQLByte data, or data that was not created by an OLE document server, in an ixOleField. An OLE document server must create valid data for an ixOleField. If the ixOleField is associated with a column in a database, the column must be the SQLByte type.

Informix Error Code 1-50702 Invalid displayType for an ixOleField.
The displayType value specified for the data in the ixOleField is invalid. For ixOleFields in a grid-form SuperTable, the valid display types are display- Default and displayText. For valid display types for ixOleField, consult the NewEra documentation

Informix Error Code 1-50704 Bad initialDataValue. Displaying empty data in the ixOleField.
The initialDataValue parameter of this ixOleSite object is an ixOleByte object that cannot be displayed in the ixOleField by its OLE document server. Examine the code that specifies this value. For information about what kind of data it can display, consult your OLE document server documentation.
Informix Error Code 1-50705 Cannot set location to locInResourceFile at runtime.
The valid location values are ixByte::locInTempFile, ixByte::locInFile, and ixByte::locInMemory.

Above are list of Informix Error Messages and Errors Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes along with Error and Warning messages received while performing certain operation against Informix applications or related products.

What are Informix Error Messages?
All Informix messages returned by the Informix server are assigned an error code.

In general, each Informix error contains the following information:
• The Informix Error Code or Informix Error status
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the Error code. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.

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Information about Informix Error Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes and Error Messages on Windows, Linux Operating Systems.


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