Informix Error Messages and Error Codes From Error 3610 to 3670


Informix Error Code -3610 No master table has been specified for this table.
You must first establish this table as the detail of another table in the INSTRUCTIONS section of the form.
Informix Error Code -3620 You do not have permission to write into this table.
You do not have insert or update privilege for the table, so you cannot insert or update a column. Check with the owner of the table or the person who has Database Administrator (DBA) privilege for the database for the necessary permission.

Informix Error Code -3630 Operating system error. Cannot write into a temporary file.
PERFORM earlier created a temporary file but now cannot write into it. The most likely cause of this error is that the disk has filled up. Alternatively, another user might have deleted the temporary file after it was created.
Informix Error Code -3650 You must first remove table-name rows which join this row.
The row you wish to remove is the dominant member of a verify join. You cannot remove this row without first removing any rows that join it.

Informix Error Code -3651 You have exceeded the number of opened tables allowed by your system.
Executing the statement would require that PERFORM exceed an operating system limit on the number of open files. You will have to reduce the number of tables that are included in the form specification.
Informix Error Code -3660 You must first update table-name rows which join this row.
The row you wish to update is the dominant member of a verify join. You are not allowed to change a row value in this column that would invalidate joined rows in other tables. You must first update the rows in table-name that join this column.
Informix Error Code -3670 Operating system error. Cannot seek into a temporary file.
Earlier PERFORM created a temporary file; now it cannot change the file position in that file. Perhaps another user deleted the file after it was created. Look for messages from the operating system that might give more detail on the problem.

Above are list of Informix Error Messages and Errors Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes along with Error and Warning messages received while performing certain operation against Informix applications or related products.

What are Informix Error Messages?
All Informix messages returned by the Informix server are assigned an error code.

In general, each Informix error contains the following information:
• The Informix Error Code or Informix Error status
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the Error code. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.

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Information about Informix Error Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes and Error Messages on Windows, Linux Operating Systems.


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