How to add a new instance to a 2 node SQL Server Cluster under the same networkname

I have got this question in one of the forums where a novice user was trying perform SQL Server installation. He had a question where he installed a SQL Server instance as cluster aware with a network name, ex: SQLServerClus. Now he was trying to add another SQL Server instance as a cluster aware and wanted to use the same network name SQLServerClus.

This is not possible. We cannot use the same network name for two SQL instances. We need to use a different network name for the second instance.

A failover cluster instance contains:
– A combination of one or more disks in a Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) cluster group, also known as a resource group. Each resource group can contain at most one instance of SQL Server.
– A network name for the failover cluster instance.
– One or more IP addresses assigned to the failover cluster instance.
– One instance of SQL Server that includes SQL Server, SQL Server Agent, the Full-text Search (FTS) service, and Replication. You can install a failover cluster with SQL Server only, Analysis Services only, or SQL Server and Analysis Services


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