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Hello Dear SQL Server enthusiast, Welcome to SQLServerF1.

I thought a lot about what to write in my first page which is always special, should I write about SQL Server or should I write about myself. I have decided to write about myself and on why I started this blog, so that you know more about me and we can connect better knowing me better. Rather than writing a blog post, I am writing this in About us page which is the right place where you would reach when you are interested to know about me.

My Story

Myself Keerthi Deep, a reserved guy from Hyderabad city in India. I am proud to say that I belong to this great country and feel blessed that I am born and living in India. I do not talk much, but am very eager to learn new technologies and internals. Apart from technology, I am very interested on Adventure trips and so far has done few trips and enjoyed a lot which I will cherish for rest of my life.

How I met SQL Server
I started my career as a Associate Systems Engineer at IBM. I got into IBM through campus placement at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Ananthapur, where I was pursuing my Masters degree(M.Tech). After few months of training on DBMS, I was moved in to an operations project as a SQL Server DBA. I had no idea what was a SQL Server at that time, I at-least had little idea about Oracle, but never heard SQL Server at that time. I stated studying about SQL Server and installed trail version on my computer and started implementing what I learned. Very soon I became comfortable supporting SQL Server, because it is a Microsoft product, so definitely easy to work with.

Days passed and every day I spent lot of time studying and supporting my client. Later we were fortunate that we got project work to relocate all the servers we were supporting from one data center to another Datacenter. This gave us a opportunity to learn a lot by doing many things like installing different SQL Server version, applying service packs, restoring databases, migrating logins, fixing orphan users, setting up replication, logshipping, mirroring, clustering, etc, then preparing plans for Go-Live of the servers in new Datacenter and implementing it. Worked for about an year relocating many servers successfully which gave a lot of confidence that I know a lot about SQL Server, but here came a twist.

Route to Learn SQL Server in-depth and inspiration to start my own website
I got a call from Microsoft to attend an interview, which I was not interested earlier as it was for Bangalore location, but I still went ahead and attended the interview to see, how it is like to attend an interview at Microsoft. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I got selected, but the interview was very tough and made me realize that I knew very little and had to learn a lot more. Now I was in dilemma weather I should join or not, after a lot of thought, decided to join Microsoft hoping to learn about internals as I realized there is a lot to learn.

The role at Microsoft was SQL Server support engineer which involves working with customers who open a support case with Microsoft with the issue they are facing. The issues range from small(opened by developers) to very complex(bugs, senior DBA’s after lot of research and troubleshooting) open support case with Microsoft. As I thought, I had a wonderful time at Microsoft where I learned a lot of internal and troubleshooting approach. Initially at Microsoft, I attended training on SQL Server internals and how to troubleshoot complex issues. I learned a lot while working on issues than what I learned in the training. Time I spent as SQL Server support engineer has helped me in two ways, one is dealing with complex issues and the other is customer handling as I need to talk to customers, understand about the issue, collect the data and get familiar with the environment in a very short time and then provide a solid and quick permanent solution. Another benefit working at Microsoft was knowing and inspiration to share the knowledge one has by various means like blogging, documenting cases, discussions with teams, answering in public forums.

Change in Priorities
It has been seven years(2 years in Anantapur while doing M.Tech and 5 years working in Bangalore) in a row where I had been staying away from my parents, friends and relatives who stay in Hyderabad. After a lot of thinking, finally I made a decision to move back to Hyderabad and unfortunately, I had to leave Microsoft for that.

So far, I felt that Microsoft was the best place to work where I can work on interesting and challenging issues, fortunately I got an offer from a company named Pythian, which I did not know before. There were few ex MSFT colleagues working here and after talking to them I felt comfortable joining Pythian. When I joined it was a company with about 250 employees around the globe. I wasn’t completely sure, but went ahead and joined Pythian.

Change in Not Always Bad
After joining Pythian, I started knowing about the company more and started loving it. The work I do here is different than what I used to do before. Here I work on planning and projects, doing proactive work to reduce risks and to avoid any performance problems that may arise in future. Helping clients resolving complex technical issues.

Another part of Pythian, which some people might think is good and some think as not so good is work from home. I started working from home as I start my day very early in the morning at 7:00 AM and finish my work at 3:30 PM. I save a lot of time from traveling to office and use it for my personal things and interesting things like blogging and answering in public forums, playing some games in the evening, going for occasional adventure trips.

Life is cool so far and enjoying it now more than I did ever.

Why I started SQLServerF1
While I was working on some issues which were new to me, and when I need to provide the solution very quickly, I used to search and read blogs and forums which helped in solving the issues without much hassle. If others had not shared their knowledge/experiences, it would have been a difficult journey for me. So, I decided that I too will share my knowledge and experiences as much as possible, so that it will be helpful to others.

While I was preparing on setting up the site, I was initially looking for a good name for my website. To my wonder, I found many names which I liked were not available. After serious thought along with my friends, came up with this name SQLServerF1, as most of us know, F1 = help. When we need any help/info , we click on F1, so going forward, when you need help, you should be able to get it at WWW.SQLServerF1.COM

Going forward, I will try to write as many posts as possible to share my knowledge and experiences.

Any clarifications you need, you can reach me at admin@sqlserverf1.com or sqlserverf1@gmail.com

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